October 29- November 2

Monday– Students picked out their spelling words, and we did an introductory lesson on inference.  Inference combines schema with clues from the book to make a new idea (or assumption).  Click here to read more about inference!

Homework: Students need to fill out the inference graphic organizer if they haven’t done so already.

Making Inferences Graphic Organizer

Tuesday– We will continue to talk about inference.  Students will have a choice of working with a group or individually to make inferences.

Click here for a link to the clip we watched on inference.

Homework: Students need to address a different question to fill out inference graphic organizer if they haven’t done so already.

Wednesday– We started a lesson on satire.  We learned how satire is used in literature, and we also learned that it is not mere criticism and is not targeted at classmates or undeserving objects.

Homework: Students brought home two articles that they are comparing and contrasting with a Venn Diagram.  They need to make sure they have specific examples contrasting and comparing the articles.  This is due tomorrow along with spelling homework.

10-31 Satire

Venn Diagram Template

Thursday– We took a look at a short story called “The Bet.”  We read it as a class and will discuss how it uses satire for tomorrow’s lesson.

Homework: Weekly letter is due tomorrow, and we have a spelling test

Friday– The students met in discuss groups to talk about what problem/flaw the author is trying to expose in the short story “The Bet.”


October 29- November 2

Monday– Students need to read through chapter 10 in The Island of the Blue Dolphins.  Tomorrow they will be responding to a writing prompt, so they need to do the reading to do well on tomorrow’s assignment.
We are taking a Heritage exam today.  Some of the students decided to do the wind tunnel project.  The projects look amazing!  They are so amazing that I wanted to include some pictures!

Tuesday– We had an introductory lesson on WWI.  The students pretended they just got drafted, and we made hardtack like the American soldiers would have eaten during the war.  Click here for a link to the recipe and other WWI favorites.

For homework: Some students need to finish language arts homework (worksheet 14, grammar exercise 7-10, and write 1-2 paragraphs on what was (un)believable about chapters 7-10).  Students may also need to finish coloring a map of WWI alliances.

Thursday– Many of the students didn’t finish their science homework.  They need to complete page 237 in their science textbook.  Some students have missing work.  Be sure to check planners to see what is missing!

Friday– We spent a lot of time working on our science study guide because we have an exam on Tuesday, Nov. 9th!  Make sure to study over the long weekend!  Some students need to finish their study guide at home.  Please make sure that you are caught up with all of your work.  The 1st quarter is ending on Friday, Nov. 9th.  The students need all their work in to participate in the end of the quarter reward (we will be going curling on Friday, Nov. 9).

October 22-24

Monday– Students are to read through chapter 6 of  The Island of the Blue Dolphins.   5th graders need to have 4 text to self connections based only on chapter 6.  6th graders need to make 4 predictions of what they think is going to happen in the story.  They need to base their answers off of information they’ve read in chapters 1-5.  For example, they might predict that Kimki won’t make it to the other island, because they read in chapter 5 that Kimki is an older man and that he only had a few days worth of food.

Students were also given information about the final exam/project we’re doing on our unit of transportation.  See PowerPoint for more information (students will also be getting a handout tomorrow).

The Wright Brothers (PowerPoint)

Tuesday– Students are to read the rest of the Karana article for homework.  Many of us were unaware that the character Karana in The Island of the Blue Dolphins was based off an actual person.  We also took wind tunnel pictures (fashioned from this link).  It was a fun project that we are going to have up for conferences to show off some of the things we’ve been learning about the wind tunnels, the Wright Brothers, and the four forces of flight.


We took a grammar and reading assessment today.  Students will need to complete their study guides and either study for the final exam on our transportation unit or complete a final project for Mon, Oct 29th.

See Handout (Final Project- Transportation)

Click me for a link on a classroom wind tunnel– very informational!  It does not need to be this large, but this teacher gives a lot of information about the process of constructing a cardboard wind tunnel.  This link was a must read for me as I built my own.


Other News:

Link to the reading and grammar assessments.  You can review your scores online.


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Boys: Your login is your first name (cap for 1st letter).  Your password is your first name (no caps)

Oct 22-24

Connections and Curious Fact Questions

Making Inferences Graphic Organizer

Monday– Today we are talking about schema.  Schema is what we already know.  Since our largest schema is about ourselves, we made 4 text to self (T-S) connections between the book we’re reading and our lives.  Students will need to have 4 T-S connections in their reader’s notebook to hand in on Wednesday.

Tuesday– We are going to continue to activate our schema by making text to text (T-T) and text to world (T-W) connections.  Students will need 2 T-T and 2 T-W connections in their reader’s notebook to hand in on Wednesday.

Wednesday– We are going to complete a couple reading assessments to see how we’ve grown since the beginning of the year.


October 16-18

Monday- We are going over 8 dialogue strategies.  We will be discussing the first 4 strategies.

Tuesday– We will discuss the last 4 dialogue strategies.

Wednesday– We will practice using the dialogue strategies, and we will look for examples in our books.

October 16-18

Monday– Heritage Links

Forces of Flight 

Pilot the Glider

Try out these websites to review the four forces of flight.

Homework: Some students had a science crossword for homework.  

Tuesday: We have a special demonstration today in Heritage.  We will be designing paper airplanes and testing them in a wind tunnel to see the effects of drag and wing size.

Homework: Students are to write 5 nice things about each of their classmates.


October 8-12

Monday- We’re on Writer’s Workshop this week.  We worked on writing about small moments in order to focus our writing.  We read the story “Eleven” to illustrate this strategy.

Eleven- Sandra Cisneros

Homework: Students need to write at least 3/4 a page. They should focus on a small moment and develop that moment with a lot of rich detail.

Tuesday– We are going to work on a 2nd draft today.  Students will choose a 1st draft to rewrite, while paying close attention to “writing small.”

Wednesday– We are going to work on story mapping and organizing our thoughts before we even start writing.  Students will choose a graphic organizer to use and will start planning a new narrative.

Homework: Students need to complete their story map if they haven’t done so in class.

Thursday– We are going to develop dialogue from the narrative we’ve planned in our story map.

Homework: Spelling homework is due today.

Friday– We will continue to talk about dialogue and character clashes.

Homework: Weekly letter is due today and we will be taking a spelling test.