April 24-28

Wednesday:  As a class we continued talking about the short story we have been working on this week, “The Lottery.”  We discussed symbolism and situational irony.  We also completed a worksheet as a class.

Note:  April in Minnesota brings snow showers!  Make sure your students are dressed for the weather.  Students need to have boots, snow pants, hats, mittens, etc.  The weather will be fluctuating quite a bit over the next few weeks.  Plan for anything!

Thursday:  Students worked through an apostrophe packet in class.  Students were also given an in-class writing assignment.  They were asked to write a new ending to “The Lottery” based on how they felt it should have ended.  Also, a new spelling list went home today.  Spelling homework due next Tuesday and quiz will be the same day.


April 24-28


Tree Identification

Wednesday:  In Bible, students took a quiz on their last Bible verse and also received the new verse for the week which is John 14:11.  Quiz will be next Wednesday.  In Language Arts students continued to read through “Survivors” and filled out an exit ticket when reading was completed.  The exit ticket is due tomorrow if it was not completed in class.

For grammar mini today students received their new spelling lists for the week.  Please remember spelling homework is due next Tuesday and spelling test will be next Tuesday as well.

In Science the class went over gymnosperms and angiosperms and also the difference between monocots and dicots.  In Heritage the class is continuing to learn about events that occurred during WWII.  Students filled out a history frame worksheet in regards to the bombing of Japan.  If it was not finished in class it is homework and due tomorrow.

NOTE:  April brings SNOW showers in Minnesota!  The weather will be fluctuating quite a bit over the next few weeks.  Make sure your student is prepared with the right clothing.  Students need to have boots, hats, mittens, jackets and snow pants to be allowed to go outside.  

Thursday:  During Bible we read Acts 2 as a class and had class time to work on workbook page 123.  If not finished in class, it should be handed in tomorrow.  During Language Arts students finished the story they had started yesterday and filled out a 4 square table worksheet in regards to the story.  During Heritage we talked about some of the heroes of World War II and how their actions made a huge difference for many people.  For Science today we reviewed the differences between monocots and dicots and had class time to complete science workbook pages 87,88.  Note: do not do section B on page 88.  If not finished in class, it is due tomorrow. 

Friday: We talked through some of the Bible work that we had questions on yesterday.  We also started a new Bible worksheet.  During language arts, we examined the question “why didn’t the Jews just leave?”.  Our grammar mini time was spent doing reading buddies.  Then we started reading primary documents and articles on whether or not the atomic bombs should have been dropped.  On Monday, we will split the class into two groups and discuss the issues.  We finished up with more time to devote to working on Bible.

No Homework

April 17-21

Wednesday:  Coach Jim Stone (head soccer coach for the BSU Beavers) was our chapel speaker this morning.  He spoke about kindness and what that really looks like in our lives.  Students were given their new memory verse for the week, John 14:2-4.  Quiz will be next Wednesday, 4/26.

Thank you to Mrs. Lundberg and William for bringing all the WWII memorabilia to share with the 5th and 6th grade class.  It was great to be able to see actual items from the time period we are studying currently!

During Language Arts we began a new book called, Survivors: Children of the Holocaust.  The dodecahedron project was due TODAY!  Make sure your student turned it in as there were several missing.

In Grammar mini students received their new spelling list for the week.  Spelling homework is due next Tuesday and as usual, there will be a quiz.  Also, the class received a “Stop and Smell the Spelling” worksheet which will be due tomorrow if it was not finished in class.

For Heritage students read pages 211-218 with a partner and worked on a study questions worksheet.  That worksheet is due tomorrow if it was not finished in class.  

In Science students read pages 134-137 and then worked on workbook page 84.  This is also due tomorrow if not finished in class.


Thursday:  Congratulations to honor roll students who received their “rolls” this morning during assembly!

During Bell work we worked on punctuation test prep then corrected as a class.  In Bible we completed a study guide.  During Language Arts we continued reading our new book, Survivors: Children of the Holocaust and worked on a Comma Scavenger hunt worksheet.

In Grammar Mini we took 20 minutes to journal about the following question.

“If you lived 2000 years ago, would you pick to have one cow, one horse or a dozen chickens?  Which would you pick to survive and why?”

In Heritage we read about the code breakers during WWII on pages 220, 221 and also worked on a worksheet.  All decoding should be done on this worksheet by tomorrow.  Answers requiring the book can be done tomorrow in class.

In Science we read pages 138-141 as a class and completed workbook pages 85-86.

April 17-21

Wednesday:  Students went over new spelling words.  Spelling homework will be due next Tuesday along with a quiz.  Students received a spelling practice worksheet that is due tomorrow.  As a class we continued to discuss the short story, A Visit of Charity and watched a short video of an interpretation of the story as well.

Thursday:  4 paragraph essay concerning theme in “A Visit of Charity” due tomorrow.  Also semicolons, commas and quotations packet due tomorrow as well.



April 10-13

Monday: This morning we did a pre-reading activity for a new short story, “The Open Window.”  We read the piece together and answered some questions about the story.

Homework: Spelling homework and spelling test tomorrow

Tuesday: Today we watched a video interpretation of “The Open Window.”  You can view that below.  We also went through a PowerPoint on characterization, looked at characterization through analyzing quotes from the text.  Finally, we took a spelling test.

Homework: Characterization worksheet is due tomorrow

Wednesday:  Today we received the new spelling list for the week.  Spelling homework and test will be next Tuesday.  Students had class time to work on a Historical Analysis chart and also a spelling worksheet.  Both will be due tomorrow if they were not finished in class.

Thursday:  During class today we talked about theme. Then the class completed a worksheet Theme Diagram regarding the short story “The Open Window.”  Students were also to write a  journal entry (200 words or more) from the viewpoint of Vera regarding the events in the story.  If not finished in class this assignment is due on Monday.  Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

April 10-13

Monday: We’re working on reading about the events leading up to Christ’s death and resurrection.  We read and discussed the passage in Bible this morning.  During language arts and grammar mini, the kids did two readings and activities.  We are on track to finishing our books and assignments tomorrow.  In the afternoon, the kids made clay models of their arthropods and we read about the reasons for the start of WWII.  The kids either drew or wrote about the reasons WWII started.

Homework:  Be on track to finish the book and reading for language arts tomorrow

Tuesday: This morning assembly went late, so we celebrated a student’s birthday and prayed together.  During language arts, we worked on finishing the reading for our Great Depression books and doing all the activities.  As students finished, they got a jump start on an apostrophe packet that we worked on during grammar mini.  We took a spelling test, presented our arthropod projects, and we designed a military strategy for invading a neighboring country.  Then we compared our ideas to the actual strategy of blitzkrieg to see how closely we would have followed this famous and effective “lightning war.”  Lastly, we read about blitzkrieg and saw how Poland did not stand a chance against Hitler and his invasion.

Homework: Language arts reading and activities are officially due tomorrow as well as apostrophe packet.  6th graders need to have Heritage work they missed ready for tomorrow.

Wednesday: Today we did not have a chapel speaker so we were able to talk as a class about Judas Iscariot and the part he played in the week coming up to Easter.  In Language Arts we started a dodecahedron project in relation to our Great Depression novels.  Looking like a lot of fun and most of the work will be finished in class.  Students also made their own spelling lists for this week from their spelling dictionaries.  Don’t forget spelling homework and test will be next Tuesday!  During Heritage we read more about the “Miracle of Dunkirk” and had fun re-enacting the amazing moment in history.  If you don’t know the story, ask your student about it!  Finally in Science we read pages 110-127 in our textbook and students were responsible for writing down three new learnings.

Homework:  Complete the science reading and write down your three learnings to hand in tomorrow.

Also – Language arts reading and activities were due today as well as the Arthropods packet.  Make sure they are handed in!

Thursday:  In Bible we continued talking about Judas and the timeline of events during the Last Supper.  In Language Arts we continued to work on the dodecahedron projects and will continue to work on them on Monday.  In Science we took a book test over chapter 5.  During Heritage we talked about Winston Churchill and read through some of his speeches.  There is a  heritage worksheet that will be due Monday.  Question #6 is extra credit!  

Have a great Easter weekend!


April 3-7

Friday:  During language arts we worked on creating our own mad libs.  We practiced with a partner and then did a final mad lib to hand in.  Spelling homework is due next Tuesday.  Have a great weekend!