November 25-27

Monday: We completed a new set of vocabulary from chapters 12-14 and read those chapters.  We answered questions over 11-13.

Homework: Students need to bring home anything they did not complete in class today


November 25-27

Monday: We met in groups during Bible to read about Zephaniah and complete a jigsaw activity.  In language arts, we took notes on conflict, completed a few quick questions from the last chapter, and wrote a journal about a big change in our life.  We also did a vocab organizer on the words stagnant and demeanor and wrapped up the period with a run-on sentence worksheet and (in)complete train activity.  This afternoon, we read pages 79-82 in Heritage and wrote a list of 10 things that were found from the Harappan civilization.  In science, we completed workbook page 51, read page 84 in our textbook and watched the following video on potential and kinetic energy.  Lastly, we worked on a roller coaster assignment where we drew 4 carts with potential and kinetic energy.  Tomorrow we will get in groups to make a group drawing!

Homework: Students may need to complete run-on sentence worksheet, 2 vocab organizers, and writing down 10 artifacts from pages 79-82 in Heritage

November 18-22

Monday: We completed vocabulary over chapters 4-7.  Students need to pick 4 of those vocab words to study for Friday’s spelling and vocab test.  We read chapters 4-7 individually and answered short comprehension questions for the chapters.

Homework: Read chapters 4-7 and complete comprehension questions, spelling homework is due Wednesday, and dialect presentations are on Thursday

Tuesday: We looked at a couple videos that showcased different accents to get an idea of what to do for our dialect project.  Students need to make sure they are doing a dialect and not just an accent.  We talked through chapters 4-7 and completed a character analysis chart over Pap.

Homework: Spelling homework is due tomorrow

Wednesday: We completed vocabulary over chapters 8-11, read 8-10, and completed questions on 8-10.

Homework: Chapters 8-10 questions and reading are due tomorrow

November 18-22

Monday: We read about the short reign of Amon in Bible today and also read about how God will forgive our sins if we ask.  Amon had a chance to live for God, but he chose not to take it.  We got our spelling words this week.  They are from list 1: words 30-35, faithfulness, character, shortage, inadequacy and the bonus word condescend.  We worked on grammar with grammar packet on fragments and run-on sentences.  We did two new vocabulary words, phoenix and mortar.  In Heritage, we are starting a new unit on India.  We watched a video that shows the accomplishments of the ancient Indians and gave us a look into the geography and culture of India.  For science, we started a project that we’ll finish tomorrow on creating a clay boat that will be buoyant enough to hold many pennies.

Homework: Fragments and Run-on Sentences Exercise 2 due tomorrow, spelling homework due Wednesday, Science test on Friday- can prepare for that by reading the chapter

Tuesday: We read about Josiah and saw how he was a better king than Manasseh or Amon.  We read Los Higos in language arts and completed a chart on how Esperanza deals with conflict.  We corrected exercise 2 in our Fragments and Run-On Sentences packet.  In the afternoon we created our boats and tested them for buoyancy.  We also drew an enlarged map of India.

Homework: Language arts homework is due tomorrow along with spelling homework

Wednesday: Our chapel speaker talked about the story of the good Samaritan.  He had the students come up with practical ways they can be a good Samaritan to those around them.  In language arts, we discussed the chapter we read yesterday, Los Higos, and completed a worksheet on sentence fragments.  In the afternoon, we worked on a study guide in science and workbook page 33 in Heritage.  We also got a taste of Indian culture by learning some basic Bollywood dance moves (the guys were great sports with this activity)!

Homework: Heritage workbook 33 is due on Friday, Science and spelling test on Friday

Thursday: The computers were down during library today, but I highly encourage doing these activities at home to practice for the exam.

Click the links to study for tomorrow’s exam.  COMPLETE THE ACTIVITIES IN THE ORDER THEY ARE ON THE SCREEN

Mass, Density, Volume (Complete steps 1, 2, 4, 5)

States of Matter Millionaire Game (Write down how far you got)

Jeopardy Review Game with one Partner (Write down your scores and who won)

Grammar Game: Sentences

Spelling City: Practice your spelling words

We worked on a Bible crossword about Josiah.  The students reviewed the story and got some practice looking up verses.  We reviewed our sentence fragment worksheet from yesterday in language arts and talked together about symbolism in Esperanza Rising.  In the afternoon we played a review Jeopardy game in science and read the next chapter in Esperanza Rising.  We skipped story and handwriting today to work on language arts.  I wanted to get language arts in today because tomorrow we will take our science test in the morning, as we have the end of the quarter reward that afternoon.

Note: Students who are able to participate in the end of the quarter reward can bring in snacks to share.  The reward is a movie day (rather movie afternoon, it’ll be after lunch).  Those who did not make it this quarter will be in another room to work on make up work.

Homework: spelling and science tests tomorrow!

Friday: We had a spelling test and quick review for the science exam during Bible.  In our regular language arts period, we took our science exam.  The rest of the afternoon was spent watching Monsters University for those who made the end of the quarter reward.  Good job to those who made it this quarter, and those who did not have a chance to make it next quarter!

November 11-15

Monday: We are starting a new unit today!  We will be reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.  We are taking a couple days to learn about the context of the book and to talk about censorship.  Today we went through a PowerPoint on Mark Twain and watched a video on the Jim Crow Laws.  As a reminder, we want to use wisdom as we deal with the sensitive issues that will come up in this unit and in the book.

Homework: Spelling homework is due on Wednesday. 

Tuesday: We met in discussion groups to talk about racism and censorship.  We watched the video below, which shows two sides of a debate whether or not Huck Finn should have racially offensive words removed from the book.  We talked about how the book has many instances of the N-word being used and discussed our reaction to that.  Students will decide if they would like to say the word aloud when reading from the book or not.  However, it is never to be used in a hurtful way towards someone else.

Wednesday: We worked on apostrophes today for grammar.  We also read an excerpt from Tom Sawyer that describes Huckleberry Finn.  We met in groups to create an illustration based on that description.  Tomorrow we’ll start reading!

Thursday: We worked on prereading vocab and completed a cloze reading assignment to determine our language competency and to see whether this book will be at our frustration, instructional, or independent reading level.  Finally, we read chapters 1-2 and completed a dialect/slang translation chart.  One of the most common complaints of Huck Finn is that the slang makes it difficult to read.  The students got a feel for Twain’s writing style and how to figure out what’s being said.

Homework: Spelling test tomorrow, translation chart and vocab due tomorrow

November 11-15

Monday: We are starting new things this quarter!  We are in our next unit in Bible: The Last Days of Judah.  This is a little hard to jump into because it continues from the 4th grade Bible curriculum where they started learning about the kings of Judah.  Today we talked about the divided kingdom and how many of the kings of Judah didn’t do a great job serving God.  In language arts, we will be starting a unit on the novel Esperanza Rising. Today we shared our reports, went over our spelling words (list 1: #21-30 with bonus word permission), and we did a spelling and noun review sheet.  This afternoon, we read about atoms and molecules on pages 66-67.  Then we spent the rest of the day creating molecules from gummies (like the picture below).  They  did really well with this and it’s difficult stuff.  They even made a complicated propane molecule!      


Homework: Spelling homework is due Wednesday.  There will be an exam on Egypt either Thursday or Friday

Tuesday: We continued looking at Hezekiah’s life today in Bible.  The students noticed many interesting details about him that maybe they’ll share at home!  In language arts we started reading the first chapter of Esperanza Rising and worked on a character chart.  We also discussed two proverbs that are found before the first chapter.  The students had really great insights as to what those proverbs meant.  In science, we completed a review worksheet (page 42) on atoms.  Lastly, we made a cartouche with clay.  We used hieroglyphics to write our names in the clay like ancient Egyptians would.

Wednesday: Our chapel speaker gave a message about the name of God “I am.”  He talked about Moses and his fear of going back to Egypt, which was a perfect tie in to our unit in Heritage right now.  We started to work on sentence fragments in language arts, and we read chapter 1 (Las Uvas) while we filled out our character chart.  Not everyone got this done.  They definitely need to finish the chapter but can turn in the character chart as late as Friday.  We worked on a Heritage study guide for our test on Friday, and we talked about mixtures and solutions in science.  The video below explains what a solution is (I love how he said that solutions are the best mixed mixtures).

Homework: Heritage test on Friday, finish reading Las Uvas, character chart is due Friday, spelling test Friday (some students still need to turn in spelling homework)

Thursday: This morning, we started learning about the next king of Judah, Manasseh.  The students completed a writing or drawing based on his reign in 2 Chronicles.  We acted out characters in language arts, went over vocab in the next chapter, and completed a journal entry and quick questions over yesterday’s reading.  This afternoon, we read science pages 70-77 and completed workbook pages 45-46.  We also changed our seating arrangement.

Homework: Heritage and spelling test tomorrow, book orders due tomorrow, science workbook pages 45-46, Esperanza Rising journal entry and quick questions

Note: A couple students are already getting behind this quarter, and we’re only 4 days in.  Please make sure all work is turned in!

November 4-6

Monday: We read the short story “Harrison Bergeron” today.  We used that story to practice for what Wednesday’s exam will be like.  It will focus on the reading and writing strategies we’ve used so far in reader’s and writer’s workshop.  We will be moving on to Adventures of Huckleberry Finn in the 2nd quarter, so we need to wrap up workshops with an exam.  Students can study by reviewing their notes in both notebooks.  There will be an extra credit opportunity on the exam.

Tuesday: We completed a practice writing activity from the story we read yesterday.  Students used the grammar skills we’ve learned in writer’s workshop.  This will be very similar to what we will be doing on the test tomorrow.  Students were given a copy of the short story “Story of an Hour” that we will be using tomorrow.  They can read this before taking the test.

Wednesday: We spent the hour working on the exam.  Great job getting it finished!