October 8-12

Monday- We’re on Writer’s Workshop this week.  We worked on writing about small moments in order to focus our writing.  We read the story “Eleven” to illustrate this strategy.

Eleven- Sandra Cisneros

Homework: Students need to write at least 3/4 a page. They should focus on a small moment and develop that moment with a lot of rich detail.

Tuesday– We are going to work on a 2nd draft today.  Students will choose a 1st draft to rewrite, while paying close attention to “writing small.”

Wednesday– We are going to work on story mapping and organizing our thoughts before we even start writing.  Students will choose a graphic organizer to use and will start planning a new narrative.

Homework: Students need to complete their story map if they haven’t done so in class.

Thursday– We are going to develop dialogue from the narrative we’ve planned in our story map.

Homework: Spelling homework is due today.

Friday– We will continue to talk about dialogue and character clashes.

Homework: Weekly letter is due today and we will be taking a spelling test.


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