May 30

Tuesday:  Today was the last day of language arts.  We took a spelling test, watched the video of Miss Brill, and had the 8th grade send off.  The students were given their testimonies back that I’ve collected since 5th grade.  Hopefully they’ll be able to see spiritual growth over the last four years.  Good luck 8th graders and happy summer!


May 30-31

This weekend’s extra credit opportunity was really good!  Bill Jamerson presented on “The Dollar-a-Day Boys.”  He came from Michigan to present his research at the state park on Sunday.  He has put together a film on the CCC that aired on PBS, and he has a book he’s made from firsthand testimony from many men who have worked in the C’s throughout the country.  You can learn more about his work on his website here.

Tuesday:  It’s the last two days of school!  This morning we finished the Bible unit with illustrations on Peter’s vision.  During language arts, we watched The Butter Battle Book movie.  We compared it to the story, and we talked about how the book was published in 1984 (before the end of the Cold War), so the cliff hanger ending was true to life.  In the afternoon, we took a science exam, went over Heritage study guides, and worked on finishing up the Heritage newspaper articles.

Homework:  Heritage exam and Bible memory verse tomorrow, Heritage newspaper articles for 6th grade due tomorrow for extra credit

May 22-26

Monday:  We watched a short animated rendition of the short story “To Build a Fire” and answered discussion questions.

Homework: Discussion questions are due tomorrow if not finished in class as well as spelling homework.  Spelling test tomorrow

Tuesday:  We took a spelling test and worked on a 2 page short story.  Requirements: man vs nature, serious tone, 2 pages, and strong ending

Homework: 2 page man vs nature story due Thurs

May 22-26

Monday:  This morning we talked about Saul’s conversion in Bible.  The students were given study points for Wednesday’s book test on Survivors: True Stories of Children from the Holocaust.  They also worked on one of two posters we’ll complete over a character from the book.  In the afternoon, we took notes on compound complex sentences and wrote our own.  We finished the graph from our science experiment on Friday, read a new section of text, and did the quick check questions on 177.  Finally, we ended with previewing the text activity in Heritage.  We’ll be writing an newspaper article on one of the events of this unit.  We started that off by showing an example of a news article and deciding which event we’d like to write about.

Homework: Spelling test and spelling homework tomorrow, Book test on Wednesday

Tuesday:  We wrapped up our conversation on Saul’s conversion.  We went through a couple modern situation and how we would deal with them- one on forgiveness and the other on evangelism.  In language arts, we worked on finishing up our 2 biography posters and took a spelling test.  In the afternoon, we did two vocab pictures: redolent and sumptuous.  We worked on our newspaper articles in Heritage, looking up information on our event, and we completed science workbook pages 107-108

Homework:  2 biography posters and science workbook pages 107-108 are due Thursday, Bible memory verse quiz tomorrow

EXTRA CREDIT Opportunity:  I will give extra credit in Heritage for any student who attends this event!

Friday: Busy day gearing up for the final two days of school.  We moved up a grade during Bible class, so we weren’t able to do a lesson that day.  In language arts, we read The Butter Battle Book and made connections between Dr. Seuss’s children’s book and the Cold War.  In the afternoon, we had reading buddies and worked on Heritage study guides.

Homework:  Science exam on Tuesday, spelling test and homework on Tuesday, Heritage exam on Wednesday, Memory verse quiz on Wednesday

Dollar-A-Day Boys: Music and Storytelling about the CCC in Minnesota




1:30 PM to 2:30 PM


Lake Bemidji State Park


Michigan-based author/songwriter Bill Jamerson’s program about the Civilian Conservation Corps includes telling stories, reading excerpts from his novel, and performing original songs with his guitar. He has presented at CCC reunions around the country and at dozens of state and national parks. The program is as entertaining as it is important; as honest as it is fun. It is about people both ordinary and extraordinary, with stories of strength, wit and charm. Outdoors at the amphitheater, indoors at the visitor center in case of rain.

May 15-19

Monday:  We read the short story “The Japanese Quince” as a class and analyzed the story through our 9 panel notes.  We shared student examples of creative endings to stories, and we will be working on writing a strong ending in our writing assignment for tomorrow.

Homework: Spelling test and spelling homework tomorrow

Tuesday:  We took a spelling test, wrote down strong ending ideas, and we started writing a creative short story.  The theme of the story is conformity vs individuality.  It needs to be two pages long.  I will give extra credit for writing more than that.

Homework: 2 page writing is due Thursday

May 15-19

Monday: This morning we read more instances of people laying on of hands throughout the Bible.  We noticed that it was done when appointing leaders and sending out missionaries, healing the sick, and blessing people.  In language arts, we took turns reading the first half of George and Ursula’s story.  As we read, the students worked on determining importance by finding important details in the author’s words and summarizing that event in 5 words or less.  In the afternoon, we finished up science WB 101-102 from last week, read a few new pages, and completed a quick check question from the reading, and we finished with Heritage reading and WB 11-112.

Homework: Science WB 101-102  and Heritage WB 111-112 due tomorrow, spelling test and spelling homework are tomorrow

Tuesday: This morning we read about Stephen and his incredible character in face of death.  We finished George and Ursula’s story.  The students worked on visualization by drawing two important scenes from the second half of the story.  We continued this work into grammar mini, and we also wrote our lines for the music script as requested by the music teacher.  We finished the day with reading a discussing the Iranian hostage situation.  The 6th graders missed science, which was a review of the pages we’ve read recently.

Homework:  Bible memory verse quiz is tomorrow (Proverbs 12:16), science WB 103-104, and visualizations are due tomorrow

NOTE:  We ARE able to have our field trip tomorrow!  Remember to dress for being outdoors and to pack a lunch you don’t need refrigerated or microwaved.  The 6th graders will be missing their middle school class, but we will be back at school in time for the afternoon bus.

Wednesday: Field trip day!  We got back in time for library

May 8-12

Monday:  We went through a slideshow on the author W.W. Jacobs.  We made predictions on what the story might be about based on the author’s background and the title.  We also worked on vocabulary for the short story we’ll read tomorrow.

Homework:  The Monkey’s Paw Pre-Reading Worksheet due tomorrow if not finished in class

Tuesday:  We took a spelling test and read The Monkey’s Paw together.  We had a little time to discuss the story at the end.

Wednesday:  Students spent the class period working through a 9 panel analysis of the short story “The Monkey’s Paw.”  Also, students received new a new spelling list for the week and a spelling practice worksheet.  Spelling homework will be due next Tuesday and there will also be a spelling quiz that same day.

Homework:  Spelling practice worksheet due tomorrow.

*Also, if any students are planning on ordering a t-shirt for the end of the year program – orders are due tomorrow, Thursday May 11!!!  T shirts are $11 and Gina has order forms in the office.

Thursday:  During class we watched a play version of “The Monkey’s Paw” and filled out a worksheet which compared and contrasted the play versus the short story.  We also had some time to discuss our thoughts on the play versus the short story.  This worksheet is homework and due tomorrow if not completed in class.  7th and 8th graders enjoy your field trip tomorrow!!