Oct. 1-5

Monday– We are focusing on reader’s workshop this week.  That means students need to bring a book they’re reading to class each day.  Our mini-lesson for today was on decoding unknown words.  We understand that learning new vocabulary is an important part of becoming a good reader.

Homework: Some students need to finish using the decoding strategy for 3-4 new vocab words that they encounter in their reading.  This will be due tomorrow.

Tuesday- We will have a quiz on capitalization.  Students did wonderfully in a short review on capitalization, so I’m confident we’ll do well on the quiz!  We will be having a mini-lesson on visualization today, and we will sketch what we’re visualizing from the poem “Oranges” by Gary Soto.

Wednesday– We will be working on part 2 of our visualization mini-lessons.

Thursday– We will be discussing “fix-it” strategies.

Friday- We will continue to discuss “fix-it” strategies.

Homework: Weekly letter is due today.

*Students will need to continue decoding strategies throughout the week.  Some students have not finished homework from writer’s workshop.  I need to see 2 leads and 2 endings from each student.  We will not be doing spelling this week because we are still waiting on spelling books to come in for 8th grade.


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