October 27-30

We have a short week.  Conferences are on Thursday, and we have Halloween off.


NOTE: We received very exciting news this morning that our class has been given $500 from the Bemidji Jaycees Adopt-a-Classroom project towards new books and literacy materials.  I have encouraged students to write down suggestions for books they’d like to see in our classroom library.  Parents are also open to making book suggestions!

Assembly went late today, so we had time for prayer groups in Bible before switching to math.  In language arts, we reviewed the 8 parts of speech and went on a grammar hunt for all 8.  We divided our paper into 8 sections and labeled the boxes adjectives, adverbs, interjections, verbs, nouns, prepositions, pronouns, and conjunctions.  Then we took out a book of our choice and read for the remainder of the period and looked for examples of each of those parts of speech in our reading.  The 5th graders were required to find 3 of each part of speech and the 6th graders needed to find 4 of each part of speech.  In Heritage, we are working on the webquest below.  Most students completed 1/2 to 3/4 of the questions.  In science we read to the end of the chapter on the genetics unit and completed science workbook page 213.

Heritage: Do First-Trench Warfare Webquest: Answer the questions and write 3 journal entries as if you were a soldier in WWI fighting in the trenches.  Talk about the conditions of the trenches and your experiences.

If you finish early—- click this link for an interactive.


In Bible, we completed a timeline worksheet and a personal growth reflection.  In language arts, we are starting a project on the 8 parts of speech.  You can find details for the project here.  After explaining the directions and answering questions, most students had time to complete 2-3 pages.  This afternoon, we had 20 minutes to continue working on our parts of speech project during grammar mini.  Afterwards, we went to the library to resume working on the webquest (see link above).  Everyone finished the questions and many people started on the journals.  Remember to look at the “Evaluation” link to see how the journals are graded.  Lastly, we started work on science workbook pages 214-216 which will serve as our study guide for this unit.  Many people finished about 3 pages of the study guide, so we will work on it again tomorrow in class.

Homework: Remember that final projects for the Heritage transportation unit are due tomorrow.  If a student does not come in with a project tomorrow, they will be required to take the test.


We had chapel this morning, and our speaker talked to us about how we can produce the fruits of the spirit.  In language arts, we worked on the parts of speech project.  All the students ended at different places, but the majority have about half of the project done.  Right after music, the students who have chosen to take the Heritage test did so while the rest of the class worked on their language arts project.  Afterwards, we returned to the computer lab to finish working on the webquest.  In science, we completed the study guide.  Lastly, we got the room ready for conferences and filled out a reflection for our parents.


October 20-24

Monday: This morning we heard about the new calendars and wreaths fundraiser and then completed a Bible worksheet on placing different Biblical events in categories.  We played a game of jeopardy in language arts reviewing parts of speech and other language arts trivia.  We also practiced spelling for 20 minutes.  Our list for this week is 7 #11-20.  This afternoon we watched the following videos, filled out a vocabulary organizer, and completed an activity with jack-o-lanterns and genetics/Punnet Squares.

Homework: Spelling homework is due Wednesday, page 2 of Sponge Bob Punnett Squares and jack-o-lantern genetics are also due Wed


Tuesday: We read pages 13-14 in our Bible textbooks and made a timeline of some of the main events of the Old Testament.  We included the reference with each event and made sure each event was in chronological order.  We created a parts of speech song in language arts.  This afternoon we did Vocab Rock and Roll on the new science vocabulary we learned yesterday.  We retested our airplanes in the wind tunnel and completed a map activity on Europe prior to WWI.  Lastly, we took notes on the MAIN causes of WWI (Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism, Nationalism).

Homework: Spelling homework is due Wednesday, page 2 of Sponge Bob Punnett Squares and jack-o-lantern genetics are also due Wed

Wednesday: The Gideons visited us at chapel this morning and gave each of the students a testament.  In language arts, we spent a bit of time organizing our materials and lockers.  Then we played a game of parts of speech charades.  We had lunch and recess and went to BSU for a concert that lasted the rest of the afternoon.

Thursday: Today we worked on creating a large timeline of Biblical events from 2100 BC to 100 AD.  Tomorrow we will plot different events on the timeline.  In language arts, we created the following pronoun rainbow (please note that the 3rd person plural should be “they” for the subjective, “their” for the possessive, and “them” for the objective) and completed the guided practice questions here.  We also wrote 5 sentences problems with subjective, objective, and possessive pronouns like the one in the practice for a partner to correct.  In Heritage, we watched the video below, read pages 46-47 in our textbooks.  The students also acted out a silent film and we read this article.  Finally, we read pages 314-315 and completed problems 1-9 on this worksheet.

Homework: Heritage Study Guides (transportation unit) are due tomorrow.  Students can receive extra credit in Heritage if they find an article either supporting or disclaiming that Gavrilo Princip was eating a sandwich before assassinating the archduke.

Friday: We continued to work on our Bible timeline this morning.  We have plotted 23 Biblical events on a timeline and dated them.  Most students finished this activity, but those who did not may have to complete it on their own.  In language arts, we took a spelling test and worked on pronouns again.  We watched the video below and went through the lessons and activities in the pronoun game. Subject and Object Pronoun Link to Game   Afterwards, we read through a children’s book.  Every time the students saw a subject pronoun, they stomped their feet.  When they saw an object pronoun they clapped, and pounded their desk for possessive pronouns.  By reading through that book, the students discovered how often pronouns are used!  Lastly, we took a quiz to show what we’ve learned.  In the afternoon, we completed the science workbook page on Pedigrees and corrected it together in class.  We also read Heritage 48-49 and watched the videos below.  We wrapped up Heritage by reviewing our silent film.

October 13-15

It’s a short week; we only have school Monday- Wednesday!

Monday: In Bible class, we completed a worksheet on Biblical languages and took prayer requests.  In language arts, we went through a PowerPoint on subject and predicate and wrote 4 (5th grade) and 5 (6th grade) tongue twisters using nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and prepositional phrases.  This afternoon, we completed the following DNA extraction experiment and wrote a reflection answering these questions: 1. What ingredients did we use in the experiment?  2. Why did we gargle salt water?  3. Describe your specific observations of your DNA at the conclusion of the experiment.  4.  What is DNA?  We also received information for the final project/exam in Heritage.  We viewed past students’ work and were given a handout and study guide to accompany the PowerPoint.  Final projects are due Wednesday, October 22 (before conferences).  Students choosing to take the exam will take it on that day.

Homework: Students need to finish tongue twisters for tomorrow

Tuesday: In Bible, we read pages 10-11 and put the books of the Bible into categories (historical, books of poetry and wisdom, etc).  During language arts, we completed a context clue worksheet, viewed a slideshow, and made a menu full of descriptive adjectives.  This afternoon, we read science pages 308-309, viewed the song below, and discussed dominant and recessive traits.  We also worked on our Heritage study guide and viewed the short video on the four forces of flight.  The students then described the four forces of flight in their own words.

Homework: Adjective menus are due tomorrow, study guide for Heritage is due Oct 24, project/exam is due Oct 29 (Wed)

Wednesday: We had chapel today and in language arts we viewed a PowerPoint on verbs, completed a quick context clues worksheet, and created “fortune” sayings.  From those sayings, we underlined helping verbs, circled main verbs, and wrote down the verb tense.  This afternoon, we worked on verb phrases for grammar mini.  We also tested our paper airplanes in a homemade wind tunnel.  We reflected on their performance and thought of adjustments we could make to our planes to give them more lift.  Finally, we read pages 310-313 in science and completed this worksheet on Punnett Squares.

If your child is interested in building a wind tunnel for their final project, here are some websites that might be helpful:

How to Build a Wind Tunnel

Low Speed Wind Tunnel Design

Here are a couple pictures of the one used in class.

I have used a small sheet of acrylic for a viewing area into the wind tunnel.  I could have also used another form of clear plastic like Saran Wrap or a clear report cover.  I have extended the cardboard to meet the box fan so that it fits snugly around the fan.  The fan is facing out so it pulls the air through the wind tunnel.



 Air enters the wind tunnel through here.  This is the air vane.  It’s purpose is to make the air entering the tunnel directional.  If I put my hand against the vane, I will feel the air entering the tunnel.

Wind Tunnel Portraits

We are currently studying about flight, the Wright brothers, and how they tested plane designs in wind tunnels.  There was a photographer who took portraits of people in a wind tunnel and the effect was quite amazing.  As a fun connection to our unit, the students were able to take their own “wind tunnel” portraits during recess this week.  Here are the results!



October 6-10

Monday: We had bus safety right after assembly, so we were only able to pray as a class for Bible.  In language arts, we talked about the author’s purpose to entertain, thus completing the whole PIE (Persuade, Inform, Entertain)!  We practiced identifying author’s purpose through these task cards: task cards.  Our grammar mini for the day was to practice spelling for 20 minutes.  We practiced by playing a game of spelling battleship (click on the blue link: SpellingBattleship).  Our spelling words for the week are list 7 #1-10 and bonus word Colossians.  Afterwards, we took our first science exam!  In Heritage, we also drew a quick sketch of what we’d design if we wanted to fly, assuming we knew nothing of modern day planes.  Then we read pages 33-40 and completed workbook page 17.

Homework: Spelling homework is due Wednesday.

Tuesday: In Bible, we read page 6 of the student textbook “God’s Revelation.”  We had a discussion on how the Bible was inspired by God and written by men.  Then we reflected in writing on the following questions: What can you do in order to read the Bible more?  What three questions or concerns do you have about?  Whom specifically could you ask if you had questions about the Bible?  In language arts, we took a quiz on author’s purpose.  We also examined our mentor sentence and wrote down parts of speech.  This afternoon, we read pages 302-304 in our science textbooks and completed the survey on workbook pages 199-200.  We also viewed the following PowerPoint: The Wright Brothers and took notes on the four forces of flight.

Homework: Author’s Purpose worksheets, science survey (interview at least 2 more people), spelling homework are due tomorrow

Wednesday: Our chapel speaker talked to us about joy today and emphasized that happiness is based on circumstances while joy is based on God’s love.  For language arts, we viewed a PowerPoint.  For our grammar mini, we played a game on subject-verb agreement.  During Heritage, we viewed the following video and used NOVA’s lesson on wing warping.  Students will be graded on participation and answering the questions on their student form.

Thursday: For Bible we read page 7 in our textbooks and filled out a true and false worksheet to see what we already know and what we need to learn in this unit.  During language arts, we finished the lesson “Colorful Parts of Speech.”  We examined 5 sentences and found all 8 parts of speech (9 including articles).  In the afternoon, we spent 20 minutes of Spanish where we reviewed some flashcard vocabulary, sang songs with actions, and played a review game over the vocab.  Afterwards, we read pages 305-306 in our science textbook and made a model of DNA.  We also watched Bill Nye’s explanation of DNA below.

Homework: Spelling test tomorrow

Friday: During Bible, we read pages 7-8 of our textbooks and discussed the original language of the Bible.  We looked at verses in Hebrew and Ancient Greek.  For language arts, we read about prepositional phrases from The Giggly Guide to Grammar and found prepositional phrases in There’s a Wocket in My Pocket by Dr. Seuss.  Lastly, we played adjective and adverb taboo.  This afternoon, we watched the following video series on flight and the students created their own model paper airplanes that we will be testing in a homemade wind tunnel next week.  That left us with just enough time to finish our DNA model, noticing how A pairs with T and G pairs with C.  One way to remember base pairings is to think that AT is the only word that can be made by combining two letters.