May 30-31

This weekend’s extra credit opportunity was really good!  Bill Jamerson presented on “The Dollar-a-Day Boys.”  He came from Michigan to present his research at the state park on Sunday.  He has put together a film on the CCC that aired on PBS, and he has a book he’s made from firsthand testimony from many men who have worked in the C’s throughout the country.  You can learn more about his work on his website here.

Tuesday:  It’s the last two days of school!  This morning we finished the Bible unit with illustrations on Peter’s vision.  During language arts, we watched The Butter Battle Book movie.  We compared it to the story, and we talked about how the book was published in 1984 (before the end of the Cold War), so the cliff hanger ending was true to life.  In the afternoon, we took a science exam, went over Heritage study guides, and worked on finishing up the Heritage newspaper articles.

Homework:  Heritage exam and Bible memory verse tomorrow, Heritage newspaper articles for 6th grade due tomorrow for extra credit


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