October 1-5

Monday– We spent some time with the BSU football team during recess today!  What a great way to start the week!  Many students finished all their work in class.  For those who didn’t quite finish, we need to read Acts 2 and page 73 of the Bible textbook for Bible homework and finish the pronoun-antecedent worksheet and main idea chart for language arts homework.  Students will use their science textbooks (page 332) to fill out the main idea chart on the somatic nervous system and the autonomic nervous system.

Tuesday– We brought our early 20th century car blueprints together to decide on the final model for our company.  We had a lively debate, and finally settled on some key features for our car.  Students can draw a blueprint of the company car for extra credit.  Extra credit will be due this Friday.

Wednesday– We’ve been discussing sleep and the brain.  We are watching this video in class today: From Zzz’s to A’s

Thursday-.  Today we had the school involved in voting on which car design they’d purchase from our company.  The automobile that received the most votes had an enclosed cab, six seats, and a gas engine underneath the floorboard.  With that information, our car company can get working right away to build the automobile the consumer wants.

Friday– We listened to a presentation on bus safety this morning.  In the afternoon, we had an introduction to the endocrine system.  Homework over the weekend includes science workbook pages 225-228, and students should fill out their sleep log over the weekend.  That is very important as I am expressly interested in seeing how sleep patterns change from the weekday to the weekend!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!


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