February 17th-21st


New spelling list was given today.  The words are in their Spelling Book; List 3 #1-#10.  The words are:

biology, biography, amphibious, diction, dictionary, dictate, edict, predict, verdict, and contradict.

Their spelling homework is due on Friday 2/21.


Science Homework – Creating a paper biome.  The students have chosen a specific biome to create out of a shoebox.  This will be due on 2/28/2014.  Specifics will be coming in their backpacks.  Please watch for this.

Language Arts Homework – Crossword puzzle from the Bronze Bow due 2/20/2014.


Good afternoon Heartland families.

I hope that all is well with you.  I have been here for two weeks and the time has gone by fast.  I will try to keep this up to date to the best of my ability.  If nothing else, I will at least put the homework assignments and the spelling words on here for you to see.  If you should have any questions, please feel free to email me at corrington24@gmail.com.  God bless and have a great day.