Oct. 31- Nov 4

Monday- We are starting to read an excerpt from the book “Through the Gates of Splendor.”  Students will be in small groups to discuss what they’ve read.     No homework

Tuesday- We are finishing the excerpt we started on Monday.

Wednesday- We are reading and analyzing another article about the missionaries.  Homework: Homework assignment has been postponed and will be due Friday

Thursday- We will be organizing a pros and cons essay from the story and the article.   Homework: Weekly spelling homework is due

Friday- We are using our notes to construct an essay.

Homework: Weekly letter on reading and essay outline are due


October 24-28

Monday, Oct. 24– We are revisiting the short story “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut.  Each student will be given a scene to illustrate from the story.  We we will creating a tableau of our scene and sequencing our illustrations in the order they occurred.  Harrison Bergeron Audio Recording

Homework: Finish scene illustration

Tuesday, Oct. 25– The students will be breaking into groups to complete two different graphic organizers on a character of their choice from the story “Harrison Bergeron.”  We will be doing a character walk in class.

Homework: Finish both graphic organizers if not completed in class

Wednesday, Oct. 26– We will be doing character interviews and self-assessments.

Note: Some students are missing signed sheets saying they completed their reading goal for last week.  Other students are missing a 1-4 page writing assignment due last Wednesday.