November 26-30

Monday- The students previewed the book of Revelation today.  We will be starting a new unit on Revelation tomorrow.  In science, we did more advanced work with Punnett squares.  The green SpongeBob worksheet will be due Wednesday.  

Link to SpongeBob worksheet

Some students did not have their Island of the Blue Dolphins persuasive essay finished for today.  Remember to complete it tonight because we want to start some peer editing on our work.

Tuesday– Students started typing a persuasive essay in language arts.  We started reading background information about the book of Revelation, and we were introduced to Lenin in Heritage.  Permission slips were sent out to attend the field trip and the SpongeBob worksheet will be due tomorrow.

Wednesday– For chapel today, we practiced our lines for the Christmas program.  It’s coming up fast, so remember to practice!  Most students finished typing their persuasive essay.  If they didn’t finish, they will need to stay in for recess or save it on a flash drive to work on at home.  In science, we used our expert knowledge of genetics to create construction paper pets based only on the parent genes!  The students are getting really good at Punnett squares and understanding genetics!

Homework: Misfit Words (Heritage worksheet) and permission slips

Thursday– Unfortunately, the director of the food shelf called this morning to postpone our field trip due to a staff emergency.  We weren’t able to go on the field trip today, but we will reschedule for a later date.  We ended up having a somewhat regular afternoon.  We finished the genetics unit in science, and we had some free time in Heritage to make up for not being able to go on the field trip.

We also started a new essay in language arts.  We have been given the opportunity to participate in an essay contest, and I’m requiring that all the students participate.  The students have to respond to the prompt “what does the national anthem mean to you?”  Since we just finished writing an opinion essay on The Island of the Blue Dolphins, it sets us up perfectly to knock this out of the park.  The winning essay in each grade division will receive a $50 gift card to Target, so I hope that’s an incentive to be thinking about the prompt at home!

Friday– Today we started writing words of encouragement to our classmates and posted them on the window during Bible class.  We continued working on the pre-writing stage of our essays in language arts.  Many students have to complete their graphic organizer over the weekend. It will be due Monday.  Click Here for an extra copy.

I am working on getting grades online so that each family can access their child’s grade at any time.  You can activate your account by using the username and password sent home with your child.  I plan to have all the grades entered for Monday.

Note:  We are going on a field trip to the food shelf on Thursday afternoon!  We will be leaving at 1:15 and getting back before the bus leaves.  We will be touring their new location.  I’m very excited about this trip because it’s a great tie in to our Christmas program and will allow us to see what happens to our donated food items.

November 26-30

Monday– The students worked on “Rumpelstiltskin- Private Eye,”  which is the script we’ve been doing for reader’s theatre.  At the end of the period, we had the 5th and 6th grade class watch us perform!

Tuesday– Students will be sharing their own script with their classmates.  We will be doing peer editing, especially focusing on characterization.  It is extremely important that everyone has at least 2 pages of their script finished to participate in today’s activities.

Wednesday- We took writer’s notes on making the conflict big.  In our writing, we tend to choose a small event as the main conflict.  We talked about how a bigger conflict makes a story more exciting to the reader.  Some ways you can make the conflict big are having it affect more people, not having everyone win in the end, or raising the stakes (maybe someone’s life is on the line).

Students peer reviewed a classmate’s script and filled out the worksheet.

script editing sheet

Spelling homework is due tomorrow

Thursday– We did a book talk on Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson (who is also the author of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde).  This book is at a 7.1 reading level, and we have a copy in our school library.  You may want to check it out if you’re interested in pirates, mutiny, and intrigue.
We also started typing the second draft of our scripts.  We did a lot of peer editing this week, and I have given the students suggestions and feedback on their writing as well.  In our second drafts, I am looking to see an improvement in spelling and grammar.  I am also looking to see if the students have developed their characters and made the conflict big enough.

Spelling homework is due today, and letters are due tomorrow.

Friday– This is the last day we will have class time to work on the second draft of our scripts.  We took a spelling test today, and if the students didn’t do well on the test, I am strongly encouraging them to choose a different spelling homework activity and to remember to do that homework BEFORE Friday.

Letters are due today.

Second draft of script is due Monday.

October 19-21

Monday– The students are working on a final project in Bible.  They are writing a summary of each chapter from Acts 1 to Acts 12 over the next two days.  This will help the students review what we’ve been studying in Acts and help them to become more familiar with the layout of the book.

For homework, some students may need to finish coloring a picture of Karana.  They may also have worksheet 207 to finish from Science.

Here is the video we used for a DNA extraction experiment.  It uses common household products so it’s an easy one to do at home!



Tuesday– We switched things up today and had math in the afternoon.  In science, we learned about Punnett Squares.  They are a little complicated to understand, but once you get the hang of it, it can become second nature!  Click here for a link summarizing the new information we’ve been learning.  In Heritage, we continued our debate on who was to blame for the sinking of the Lusitania.  We based our debate off the following article: “Lost Liners: Lusitania”.

Remember to bring an apple to class tomorrow because the whole school is making apple crisp!

October 19-21

Monday– We are on a writer’s week, so we are writing our own scripts!  This fits in well with previous lessons on dialogue.  The students worked on creating main characters today.  They were to pick at least two characters and write a 1/2 page bio (or description) of each character (In other words, it’s a minimum of one page total).  We focused on making dynamic, multi-faceted characters.  To help develop dynamic characters, I gave them suggestions on what to include in their bios.

  • When was the last time your character cried/laugh?  Why?
  • What are your character’s main struggles?
  • What are your character’s quirks/what makes your character unique?
  • What are your character’s routines?  What do they do on a Saturday morning?
  • What is one secret they don’t want anyone else to know?

Tuesday– We are working on the 5 W’s (who, what, where, when, and why) to map out our script.  Once the students have the 5 W’s answered, they can write a more detailed plot (what happens at the beginning, middle and end?).

Homework: Spelling Homework is due today.

Wednesday– The students will need to follow the correct format to write the 1st draft of their script.  We will also be taking a spelling test.

  • The character’s name appears on the left margin with a colon.  After their name is what they say.  (example- John: I have never been more insulted in all my life!)
  • There are no quotation marks (unless your character is quoting someone else)
  • Start a new line when switching speakers
  • Descriptions or stage directions are written in [brackets].  This shows the reader the line isn’t to be spoken

Homework: Letters are due today, and they should look amazing since I have given the students and extra few days to work on them.  Scripts will be due Monday, November 26.

October 12-16

Monday– The students were given a script that we will be using this week for reader’s theatre.  They completed a vocabulary activity and picked out their spelling words.

Tuesday– The students decided on the tone of the script.  They read through the script again and highlighted phrases and sentences where the tone of the script came through the writing.

Having trouble understanding tone?  Click on the links: Description of Tone and Tips of How to Analyze Tone in Literature (somewhat more involved than what we need)

Wednesday– We discussed tone and mood today.  We talked about how tone is the author’s overall attitude towards the story and mood is the reader’s attitude/feelings towards the story.  The students were to fill out this worksheet and identify the tone of the book they’re reading.  Everyone finished early, so no one has homework tonight.

I am pushing letters and spelling homework to next week.  Letters are due 11-21 and spelling homework is due 11-20.

October 12-16

Monday– We spent a lot of time going over spelling homework today.  Both 5th and 6th grade are starting on List 1.  We have a pretest on Monday before the students have had a chance to practice their words.  After the pretest, they can see which words they don’t know.  This will help the students pick 10 spelling words to study for the week.  They should pick 10 words that they struggled with on the pretest from List 1, along with one bonus word.
Click Here for a link to spelling homework.  Spelling homework is due every Thursday by the end of the day.  The students choose 20 points worth of activities to practice their spelling words each week.  It sounds complicated, but it will become routine after a couple weeks of spelling.

We also created a double helix with licorice and marshmallows.  It was a fun activity to demonstrate pairing of the bases.

Tuesday– We watched the following video entitled “What is DNA and How Does it Work?” Click on the title to watch the video at home! I found the video to be helpful in putting it in terms the kids can understand.  Another awesome project to do at home is to create a DNA origami.  Here is the link: Origami DNA.  I will give students extra credit for making this at home and bringing it in. It’s not as difficult as it looks (especially if you have a color printer).

Wednesday– Today we were lucky enough to have Ms. Longtime speak in chapel.  She talked about how life isn’t always fair, but we can be very thankful it isn’t since Christ bore the weight of our sin.
We also spent our afternoon discovering what it would have been like to live in the trenches of WWI.  We finished up our internet research and did a trench simulation in the outer building.


The kids know how much I LOVE Horrible Histories, so I wanted to post the videos we watched in class today.

October 6-9

Tuesday– No homework today.  Students took a science exam on the immune system, and they tested their bottle rockets.

Wednesday– No homework today.  We started a new science unit on genetics and DNA, and we acted as spies to smuggle a copy of the Schlieffen Plan out of Germany.  We also played a game of spoons to review incomplete and run-on sentences in language arts.

Thursday– We have been talking about the gospel being presented to the Gentiles.  We illustrated Acts 10-11 in class today.  We are also starting a Webquest that has excellent information about life in the trenches.  The students will be using the links below to gather information and complete the assignment (this will take a couple days).

Link to Webquest

Link to Interactive

Homework: Students need to finish vocab (writing antonyms and synonyms for each vocab word) if not completed in class.  They also need to finish a two paragraphs on setting if not completed in class.

Reminder: Students need to have all their work in by Friday to go curling.  Please turn in permission slips as soon as possible.