May 30-31

This weekend’s extra credit opportunity was really good!  Bill Jamerson presented on “The Dollar-a-Day Boys.”  He came from Michigan to present his research at the state park on Sunday.  He has put together a film on the CCC that aired on PBS, and he has a book he’s made from firsthand testimony from many men who have worked in the C’s throughout the country.  You can learn more about his work on his website here.

Tuesday:  It’s the last two days of school!  This morning we finished the Bible unit with illustrations on Peter’s vision.  During language arts, we watched The Butter Battle Book movie.  We compared it to the story, and we talked about how the book was published in 1984 (before the end of the Cold War), so the cliff hanger ending was true to life.  In the afternoon, we took a science exam, went over Heritage study guides, and worked on finishing up the Heritage newspaper articles.

Homework:  Heritage exam and Bible memory verse tomorrow, Heritage newspaper articles for 6th grade due tomorrow for extra credit


May 22-26

Monday:  This morning we talked about Saul’s conversion in Bible.  The students were given study points for Wednesday’s book test on Survivors: True Stories of Children from the Holocaust.  They also worked on one of two posters we’ll complete over a character from the book.  In the afternoon, we took notes on compound complex sentences and wrote our own.  We finished the graph from our science experiment on Friday, read a new section of text, and did the quick check questions on 177.  Finally, we ended with previewing the text activity in Heritage.  We’ll be writing an newspaper article on one of the events of this unit.  We started that off by showing an example of a news article and deciding which event we’d like to write about.

Homework: Spelling test and spelling homework tomorrow, Book test on Wednesday

Tuesday:  We wrapped up our conversation on Saul’s conversion.  We went through a couple modern situation and how we would deal with them- one on forgiveness and the other on evangelism.  In language arts, we worked on finishing up our 2 biography posters and took a spelling test.  In the afternoon, we did two vocab pictures: redolent and sumptuous.  We worked on our newspaper articles in Heritage, looking up information on our event, and we completed science workbook pages 107-108

Homework:  2 biography posters and science workbook pages 107-108 are due Thursday, Bible memory verse quiz tomorrow

EXTRA CREDIT Opportunity:  I will give extra credit in Heritage for any student who attends this event!

Friday: Busy day gearing up for the final two days of school.  We moved up a grade during Bible class, so we weren’t able to do a lesson that day.  In language arts, we read The Butter Battle Book and made connections between Dr. Seuss’s children’s book and the Cold War.  In the afternoon, we had reading buddies and worked on Heritage study guides.

Homework:  Science exam on Tuesday, spelling test and homework on Tuesday, Heritage exam on Wednesday, Memory verse quiz on Wednesday

Dollar-A-Day Boys: Music and Storytelling about the CCC in Minnesota




1:30 PM to 2:30 PM


Lake Bemidji State Park


Michigan-based author/songwriter Bill Jamerson’s program about the Civilian Conservation Corps includes telling stories, reading excerpts from his novel, and performing original songs with his guitar. He has presented at CCC reunions around the country and at dozens of state and national parks. The program is as entertaining as it is important; as honest as it is fun. It is about people both ordinary and extraordinary, with stories of strength, wit and charm. Outdoors at the amphitheater, indoors at the visitor center in case of rain.

May 15-19

Monday: This morning we read more instances of people laying on of hands throughout the Bible.  We noticed that it was done when appointing leaders and sending out missionaries, healing the sick, and blessing people.  In language arts, we took turns reading the first half of George and Ursula’s story.  As we read, the students worked on determining importance by finding important details in the author’s words and summarizing that event in 5 words or less.  In the afternoon, we finished up science WB 101-102 from last week, read a few new pages, and completed a quick check question from the reading, and we finished with Heritage reading and WB 11-112.

Homework: Science WB 101-102  and Heritage WB 111-112 due tomorrow, spelling test and spelling homework are tomorrow

Tuesday: This morning we read about Stephen and his incredible character in face of death.  We finished George and Ursula’s story.  The students worked on visualization by drawing two important scenes from the second half of the story.  We continued this work into grammar mini, and we also wrote our lines for the music script as requested by the music teacher.  We finished the day with reading a discussing the Iranian hostage situation.  The 6th graders missed science, which was a review of the pages we’ve read recently.

Homework:  Bible memory verse quiz is tomorrow (Proverbs 12:16), science WB 103-104, and visualizations are due tomorrow

NOTE:  We ARE able to have our field trip tomorrow!  Remember to dress for being outdoors and to pack a lunch you don’t need refrigerated or microwaved.  The 6th graders will be missing their middle school class, but we will be back at school in time for the afternoon bus.

Wednesday: Field trip day!  We got back in time for library

May 8-12

Monday: This morning we read the story of Ananias and Saphirra.  This is one of those stories that we can have a wonderful discussion on!  Afterwards, we started reading Walter’s story.  We talked about theme, practiced identifying it together, practiced in groups, and practiced individually on our reading.  During the afternoon, we finished up science workbook pages and took some time to study on our own or with friends for Wednesday’s test.  In Heritage, we started reading about the Cold War.  Today’s focus was on segregation.

Homework:  Science exam on Wednesday, Spelling test tomorrow

Tuesday:  This morning we read a little more about the apostle’s work during the time of the early church.  We completed a workbook page together.  In language arts, we took a spelling test and finished Walter’s Story.  We also worked on a reading strategy worksheet as we read.  In the afternoon, we had a study game for science.  We read pages 260-261 in our Heritage textbooks and discussed the information.

Homework:  Walter’s Story worksheet due tomorrow and science test tomorrow

Wednesday:  During chapel this morning we heard from Gretchen Thompson (Mrs. J’s daughter) about her missions trip to Africa in February.  It was great to hear about her trip and the students all had a lot of questions for her.  As a class we went over our new memory verse for the week which is Proverbs 12:19, quiz will be next Wednesday.  During Language Arts we read the first half of Sarah’s story, pages 125-138 and filled out a “questions graphic organizer” worksheet.  If not finished in class, the reading and worksheet are homework due tomorrow.  For Grammar Mini students received a new spelling list for the week.  Spelling homework will be due next Tuesday along with a spelling quiz.  During Science the class took a test.  For Heritage we read textbook pages 262-264 and discussed the information and ended with a game outside.  

Be on the lookout for a permission slip coming home today for a class field trip which will be next Wednesday!!!  Drivers are needed.

*Reminder:  The school is ordering t-shirts for the end of the year program.  Order forms are available via an e-mail that was sent out or from Miss Gina in the office.  The shirts come in 4 different colors, many sizes and are $11.  Orders are due tomorrow – May 11!

Thursday:  In Bible we worked as a class through workbook page 129 and continued reviewing the story of Ananias and Sapphira.  During Language Arts we finished reading Sarah’s story as a class and worked on a Theme worksheet together.  If not finished in class it is due tomorrow.  For Grammar Mini students were asked to come up with their own “Good Triumphs over Evil” themed story for their journal entry.  In Heritage we read pages 266-268 and had class time to work on worksheet Lesson 75.  If not finished in class, this is homework and due tomorrow.  During Science we read pages 158-165 and began working on workbook pages 99, 100.  No homework for Science.

Don’t forget to return permission slips for the upcoming class field trip next Wednesday.

T-shirt orders can still be turned in tomorrow, May 12!

Friday:  This morning we read in Acts 6 about a dispute between the Hellenistic and Hebraic Jews on providing food for the widows.  The apostles resolved the issue by appointing seven Hellenistic Jews to distribute food (and the apostles were like “ain’t nobody got time for that.  We’re too busy spreading the gospel!”).  During language arts, we read the entire story “I am a Partisan Now.”  The students evaluated Mathei’s actions throughout his story.  In the afternoon, we had reading buddies and went to the computer lab to research an element of our choice.  Lastly, we read in our Heritage textbooks about President Nixon and the Watergate Scandal

And here’s a weekend jam for you:


May 1-5

Monday:  We started Iowa Basics today.  We completed two sections in the morning.  We also read a page in our science textbooks on xylem and phloem.  In the afternoon, we plotted the story of Markus on a story map.  We also met in groups to discuss the atomic bomb.  Tomorrow we will wrap up that discussion as the two groups meet to talk about their point of view.

Homework: Spelling test tomorrow

Tuesday: Iowa Basics were in the morning.  In the afternoon, we viewed a Wally Show interview and the one below (which was cut short due to power outage).  We looked at these to find out what makes a great interviewer and what made a story engaging to listen to.  The 5th graders had a discussion on the atomic bomb, and they read science pages 149-151 and completed quick check questions on 151.

Homework: 6th Graders read 149-151 and answer Quick Check on 151

Wednesday:  Students took their Bible quiz today on John 14:11.  No new verse at this point.  The class spent the morning continuing with Iowa Basics testing. After lunch students started Language Arts by doing a drama warm up game called “What are you doing?”  After the game students were put into pairs to start working on interviews they will be presenting tomorrow.  Interviews are based on a person they have chosen from the book Survivors. The class had some time to work on a Heritage study guide.  Test will be Friday. We finished out the day with Science workbook pages 91,92.

No homework today.

NOTE: Iowa Basics will be wrapped up on Friday (also Cinco de Mayo!).  To celebrate being done and the holiday, we will be having a Read and Feed in the afternoon for language arts.  Kids must bring a book and may also bring a snack to eat while they read!

Thursday:  During Bell work students had the opportunity to continue working on either their Heritage study guide or Science workbook pages 91,92, both from yesterday.  During Bible we read Galatians 5:22-23 and Hebrews 6:7-12 and discussed as a class the fruit of the spirit and what the opposite of the fruit of the spirit might look like in our lives.  We continued with Iowa Basics testing and tomorrow will be our last day of testing!  Students have been working hard.  Please make sure they continue to get a lot of good rest, healthy food and get to school on time.  After lunch and recess students started to present their interviews to the class for Language Arts.  Those interviews will be finished up tomorrow.  We ended the day with some time to either finish the Heritage study guide or to study for the test tomorrow in partners.  Remember – Heritage test tomorrow.  Students also had time to work on Science workbook pages 95,96 – these pages are not homework.

Friday: We finished Iowa Basics this morning and then spent the remainder of our morning free reading and having snack.  In the afternoon, the students took their Heritage exams, we did character interviews, and then we looked over our corrected exams to ask questions and talk through some of the problems the kids may have struggled with.



April 24-28


Tree Identification

Wednesday:  In Bible, students took a quiz on their last Bible verse and also received the new verse for the week which is John 14:11.  Quiz will be next Wednesday.  In Language Arts students continued to read through “Survivors” and filled out an exit ticket when reading was completed.  The exit ticket is due tomorrow if it was not completed in class.

For grammar mini today students received their new spelling lists for the week.  Please remember spelling homework is due next Tuesday and spelling test will be next Tuesday as well.

In Science the class went over gymnosperms and angiosperms and also the difference between monocots and dicots.  In Heritage the class is continuing to learn about events that occurred during WWII.  Students filled out a history frame worksheet in regards to the bombing of Japan.  If it was not finished in class it is homework and due tomorrow.

NOTE:  April brings SNOW showers in Minnesota!  The weather will be fluctuating quite a bit over the next few weeks.  Make sure your student is prepared with the right clothing.  Students need to have boots, hats, mittens, jackets and snow pants to be allowed to go outside.  

Thursday:  During Bible we read Acts 2 as a class and had class time to work on workbook page 123.  If not finished in class, it should be handed in tomorrow.  During Language Arts students finished the story they had started yesterday and filled out a 4 square table worksheet in regards to the story.  During Heritage we talked about some of the heroes of World War II and how their actions made a huge difference for many people.  For Science today we reviewed the differences between monocots and dicots and had class time to complete science workbook pages 87,88.  Note: do not do section B on page 88.  If not finished in class, it is due tomorrow. 

Friday: We talked through some of the Bible work that we had questions on yesterday.  We also started a new Bible worksheet.  During language arts, we examined the question “why didn’t the Jews just leave?”.  Our grammar mini time was spent doing reading buddies.  Then we started reading primary documents and articles on whether or not the atomic bombs should have been dropped.  On Monday, we will split the class into two groups and discuss the issues.  We finished up with more time to devote to working on Bible.

No Homework

April 17-21

Wednesday:  Coach Jim Stone (head soccer coach for the BSU Beavers) was our chapel speaker this morning.  He spoke about kindness and what that really looks like in our lives.  Students were given their new memory verse for the week, John 14:2-4.  Quiz will be next Wednesday, 4/26.

Thank you to Mrs. Lundberg and William for bringing all the WWII memorabilia to share with the 5th and 6th grade class.  It was great to be able to see actual items from the time period we are studying currently!

During Language Arts we began a new book called, Survivors: Children of the Holocaust.  The dodecahedron project was due TODAY!  Make sure your student turned it in as there were several missing.

In Grammar mini students received their new spelling list for the week.  Spelling homework is due next Tuesday and as usual, there will be a quiz.  Also, the class received a “Stop and Smell the Spelling” worksheet which will be due tomorrow if it was not finished in class.

For Heritage students read pages 211-218 with a partner and worked on a study questions worksheet.  That worksheet is due tomorrow if it was not finished in class.  

In Science students read pages 134-137 and then worked on workbook page 84.  This is also due tomorrow if not finished in class.


Thursday:  Congratulations to honor roll students who received their “rolls” this morning during assembly!

During Bell work we worked on punctuation test prep then corrected as a class.  In Bible we completed a study guide.  During Language Arts we continued reading our new book, Survivors: Children of the Holocaust and worked on a Comma Scavenger hunt worksheet.

In Grammar Mini we took 20 minutes to journal about the following question.

“If you lived 2000 years ago, would you pick to have one cow, one horse or a dozen chickens?  Which would you pick to survive and why?”

In Heritage we read about the code breakers during WWII on pages 220, 221 and also worked on a worksheet.  All decoding should be done on this worksheet by tomorrow.  Answers requiring the book can be done tomorrow in class.

In Science we read pages 138-141 as a class and completed workbook pages 85-86.