January 26-30

It’s beach week!

Monday: Hawaii Day, Tuesday: Color Day (Neon), Wednesday: Wacky Wed, Thursday: Crazy Hair, Friday: End of the quarter reward- Skiing

Monday: This morning we read the parable of the talents in Matthew 25 and this devotional article.  We related it to what we’ve been learning in both Heritage and science.  We also wrote the introduction to our science fair research paper.  Then we created a spider web of subtopics we can research for our paper and went to the library to check out books to use during our research.  In the afternoon, we played a spelling game for grammar mini.  We viewed the video below on the stock market crash and took a pop quiz over the new information.

Homework: Spelling homework is due on Wednesday

Tuesday: Bible- we read Acts chapter 1:12-26.  During language arts, we worked on science fair research paper. We made cards for a game of memory over new Heritage terms.  We also did a Heritage simulation on the stock market.  Students invested $1000 in stocks of their choice and saw what happened through the years of the 1920s.

Wednesday: Our chapel speaker talked to us about being kind even when the recipient doesn’t acknowledge or receive your gift.  In language arts, the students rewrote their stories.  These stories are due next Wednesday and should be stapled with the rough draft and editing sheet.  In the afternoon, we worked on sentence expanding to think about all the ways we can revise our sentences when rewriting our short stories.  Afterwards we recalculated our stock market totals and found out that the girls’ group ended up with the most money in 1929, although both groups lost money from their initial investments.  Our final activity was working on our solar cookers.  We’re hoping to have enough sunlight to be able to test them out tomorrow!

Homework: Short story rewrite is due next Wednesday.  If students are interested in bringing their own food to cook tomorrow, they will need to bring it to school.  Otherwise, they will have the opportunity to test out their solar ovens on cookie dough.

Spelling Bee will be held on Monday, Feb 2

Remember to study to do your best and have a chance to earn a trophy!

Spray painted DIY trophies for spelling bee.  Instead of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, it's A, B, and C place!

January 20-23

Monday: No School

Tuesday: This morning we read Revelation 21 and 22 and page 169 of our Bible textbook.  In language arts, we viewed a PowerPoint , took notes, and completed a worksheet on identifying types of conflict.  The students do have a spelling test this week even though it’s a short week, but they were given time in class to work on spelling homework.  This afternoon, we played Sparkle during grammar mini.  In Heritage, we finished playing the Economy Game.  We noticed that some people profited greatly from the game while others lost money.  How is that like a capitalist society?  We looked through the pages for our next science unit and talked about what we knew from each page.  Our focus question for this unit is “What responsibility do we have to be good stewards of the earth, and how does God want us to take care of it?”  And finally, how can we live out our faith on a daily basis so that we’re being intentional with protecting and sustaining God’s creation?

Homework: Spelling homework is due Wednesday if not finished in class

Wednesday: Our chapel speaker talked to us about kindness using the story of David and Saul from 1 Samuel 26.  At the end of chapel we read through the story and talked about being kind to others even when they have a history of being unkind to you.  We also viewed a PowerPoint on theme, completed a worksheet, and created a plot diagram for our short stories we will be writing (use characters from characterization lessons).  The students are writing their stories with a specific theme in mind.  This afternoon we filled out a Heritage study guide.  We also viewed a PowerPoint on solar cookers.  Students should start collecting materials to make a solar cooker.  Materials need to be brought to school no later than January 28th.  Common household materials that can be used for a solar cooker include pizza boxes, shoe boxes, tin foil, and Saran Wrap.

Homework: Gather materials for solar cooker by Jan 28.  Heritage test this Friday, Jan 23

Thursday: This morning we completed a worksheet on how we can apply what we learned from the book of Revelation to our lives.  In language arts, we used our plot diagrams to write a short story.  Each event on your diagram should be a separate paragraph.  Most students wrote about 2 pages today.  During grammar mini, we watched a couple Spanish videos and students shared their writing pieces from this morning.  We played a game of Grudge Ball to practice for our Heritage test.  The game lasted the rest of the afternoon.

NOTE: END OF THE QUARTER IS THIS FRIDAY.  ALL work needs to be turned in by that day to participate in our ski day on Jan. 30th.

January 12-16

Monday: This week is Spiritual Emphasis Week, so we will have chapel every day this week.  In language arts, the students took notes on plot. Then we read a few stories and found the elements of the story.  Lastly, the students filled out a blank plot template on a book or movie they’ve seen recently.  In the afternoon, students were given their second Word Warrior list. Word Warrior Spelling Lists 2 To move up titles this week they will need to turn in homework on time and do well on their spelling test.  Students can see me about moving up a title if they’re behind.  The students played a matching game in science and completed the questions at at the end of the unit on a separate piece of paper.  In Heritage, we read about monopolies and wrote a paragraph of what would happen if Walmart had a monopoly on groceries in Bemidji.

Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher: October 2012: Plot Anchor Chart

Tuesday: Our chapel speakers talked to us about volunteering, specifically Habitat for Humanity and the Food Shelf.  In language arts, we went over exposition and started watching Pixar short films to chart the 6 parts of plot.  If you want to review the films we’ve watched, you can find them all on YouTube.  In this short unit, I’m hoping the parts of plot will become second nature to the students.  In the afternoon, we created 6 flashcards on any words we wanted to define from this science unit on weathering and erosion.  We also worked on a science study guide from the workbook.  The entire study guide is pages 22, 26, and 33-36.  We skipped Heritage today to give us enough time to complete the study guide.

Homework: Science study guide, flash cards, and test will be due on Thursday.

Wednesday: Our chapel speaker talked to us about how our works can lead people to Christ more than our words.  In language arts, we reviewed the Pixar short film Lifted and watched Tin Toy, Geri’s Game, and Partly Cloudy.  Geri’s Game was the most difficult film we examined to find the 6 parts of plot, but the students did a great job!  This afternoon, we worked on a comma worksheet.  Commas are one of the trickiest grammar concepts, but we need to have a solid grasp of comma use to improve our writing.  Afterwards, we read through page 144 in our Heritage textbooks, planned a budget, and finished page 70 in our workbook.  The last thing we did today was practice for our science exam by playing a study game.

 Thursday: Heritage Game- Money Metropolis- Click Here to Play!

January 5-9

Monday: We had a two hour late start today, our first of the year.  We took a couple minutes to share about our Christmas break, and then we started on language arts.  We received our spelling list for the week and worked on making root study tabs as a grammar mini activity.   This month we are having a Word Warrior Challenge where students earn Greek god titles as they master Greek and Latin roots.  They earn points through spelling tests and spelling activities.  Their goal is to make it to the title of Zeus by the end of the month. Here are our first lists: Word Warrior Spelling Lists This afternoon, we had our annual geography bee.  Everyone competed in seven rounds and we narrowed it down to 10 finalists.  The final round will take place after gym tomorrow.  Congratulations finalists and good luck tomorrow!

Homework: Spelling homework is due on Wednesday

*The end of the 2nd quarter is January 23rd.  Make sure all work is turned in by that date to participate in the end of the quarter reward and to earn good grades.

Tuesday: This morning we read pages 165-166 in our Bible textbooks and read through Revelation 13.  We talked about the significance of numbers in the Bible.  This morning we are starting a short writing unit and talked about characterization.  CharacterizationDayOne  In the afternoon, we finished the geography bee.  From our class, Isaiah came in 3rd place and Ben in 2nd.   Great job having two of our students place!  Afterwards, we played finger twister to practice language arts concepts.  Finger Twister We read pages 34-36 in our science textbooks and discussed what we read.

Wednesday: Welcome to winter in Minnesota!  We had yet another 2 hour late start today, which disrupts our daily schedule.  We had a shortened language arts period when we arrived this morning.  Yesterday during our characterization lesson, the students struggled with using descriptive adjectives to describe their characters.  So today we did a warm up activity with mustaches.  Then we met in small groups (and made it a competition) to view photos of people we’ve never met and come up with adjectives to describe them.  Lastly, we looked back in our handout from yesterday and worked on making very detailed descriptions of our two characters.  In the afternoon, we practiced using varied sentence structure to make an interesting paragraph.  We noticed that an entire paragraph consisting of five sentences is boring to read.  We practiced using varied sentence lengths to describe the picture below.

Later in the afternoon, I handed out packets of information for science fair.  We read through information about how to choose a topic and write a question.  We also watched the following short clips.  After that, we read Heritage pages 128-131 and completed workbook page 67.

Science Fair Deadlines 2015

Science Fair Question: January 20th

Materials and Hypothesis: January 30th

Research and Bibliography: February 18th (Rough Draft)

Procedure: February 27th

Written Report:

Includes ALL written portions March 16th

March 25th (Revised Copy)

Log Book and Board: March 25th

 Thursday: This morning we worked on a worksheet for Revelation chapter 13.  In language arts, we completed day two of characterization: looking at the inside.  CharacterizationDayTwo This afternoon is our Spanish day and we watched the video below.  We played a game in Heritage, answered the discussion questions below, and read page 132.

We also read pages 40-41 in our science textbook, talked through the differences between weathering and erosion, looked a few picture examples, and completed this activity.  By the end of the class, students were able to tell a partner the difference between weathering and erosion.  If we were to think about those words in human terms, which would be erosion and which would be weathering?

Friday: In Bible we read pages 167-168 in our textbooks and read Revelation 19 and 20.  In language arts, we had reading buddies, took a spelling test, and completed a characterization worksheet.  CharactersandEventsDayThree This afternoon we made nuts and bolts chess pieces and worked on a chess board (you could make similar pieces at home!) in art class.  Later on, we completed this worksheet in partner groups and read page 133.  Lastly, we completed science workbook pages 33-34.