October 29- November 2

Monday– Students picked out their spelling words, and we did an introductory lesson on inference.  Inference combines schema with clues from the book to make a new idea (or assumption).  Click here to read more about inference!

Homework: Students need to fill out the inference graphic organizer if they haven’t done so already.

Making Inferences Graphic Organizer

Tuesday– We will continue to talk about inference.  Students will have a choice of working with a group or individually to make inferences.

Click here for a link to the clip we watched on inference.

Homework: Students need to address a different question to fill out inference graphic organizer if they haven’t done so already.

Wednesday– We started a lesson on satire.  We learned how satire is used in literature, and we also learned that it is not mere criticism and is not targeted at classmates or undeserving objects.

Homework: Students brought home two articles that they are comparing and contrasting with a Venn Diagram.  They need to make sure they have specific examples contrasting and comparing the articles.  This is due tomorrow along with spelling homework.

10-31 Satire

Venn Diagram Template

Thursday– We took a look at a short story called “The Bet.”  We read it as a class and will discuss how it uses satire for tomorrow’s lesson.

Homework: Weekly letter is due tomorrow, and we have a spelling test

Friday– The students met in discuss groups to talk about what problem/flaw the author is trying to expose in the short story “The Bet.”


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