September 23-27 2013

Monday: Students were given a new spelling list.  It follows a pattern and rule of spelling that was attached to their list.  We reviewed linking verbs and completed a worksheet.  We took notes on schema, read 10 pages, and wrote a paragraph on our schema as we read.

Homework: Spelling homework is due Wednesday

Tuesday: We went over helping verbs today and completed a writing piece about ourselves to activate our schema.

Wednesday: Students read 15 pages of their book, they found 4 new vocab words and wrote them after today’s notes on inference, and they filled out an inference chart.

Homework: Students may need to finish their inference chart or find 4 vocab words

Thursday: We wrote a story as if we were meeting ourselves.  This writing activity activates our schema (we know a lot about ourselves) and our inference (we need to infer what would happen if we somehow encountered ourselves).

Friday: We worked on a letter and read our stories to each other.


September 23-27

Monday: Students completed 2 rows of their Bible packet (3rd and 4th row) and completed 2 journals (Serving Joyfully and Trusting God Through Suffering).  We got our spelling list for the week.  We still don’t have our spelling books, but I did attach workbook pages.  Students have the option this week of doing the workbook pages for spelling homework points.  In language arts, we read chapters 7-9 and completed our literature group role.  We went over our Heritage exam and read the first page of the new unit on ancient Sumer.  In science, we completed workbook page 18 and talked about the rock cycle.

Homework: Bible 2 rows and 2 journals, language arts role is due tomorrow.  Spelling homework is due Wednesday

Tuesday: We completed our Bible packets today.  We will review 1 Peter, and then we’ll be done with the unit.  We talked about linking verbs in language arts and met in our groups to discuss our literature roles.  Students are getting docked points for not having work finished on time.  In Heritage, we took notes and shared our notes with each other.
For science:
Rock Cycle Interative

Identifying Rock Types

Rock Key: Use the rock key to try to identify one or two of your rocks.  Write down your prediction and whether it’s igneous, metamorphic, or sedimentary.  This will be your assignment to turn in.

Wednesday: We had Saje’s dad come in to present a message for chapel.  He encouraged us to spend time listening to God and reading our Bibles.  In language arts, we read chapters 10-11 and completed our literature group roles.  We will finish reading Old Yeller by the end of next week.  Students should make sure that their packets are filled out for the work we’ve done so far.  This packet will be a big part of our language arts grade for the first quarter.  In Heritage, we compared Minnesota’s geography to ancient Mesopotamia.  Lastly, we completed a study guide for science.

Homework: There will be a science exam over Unit 1: Rocks and Minerals on Friday.  Students should pace their studying out over the next two days so they are prepared for the exam.  We will be studying as a class tomorrow, but that won’t be enough to do well on the test.

Review the following videos to study for your science exam:


September 16-20

Monday: We talked about our spelling words for the week.  They follow a spelling rule, so students should review the rule at the bottom of their spelling sheet before the test.  We talked about what sort of things good readers think about when they read.

Homework: Some students may need to finish reading 15 pages in their book and writing 3-4 things they thought about while reading into their reader’s notebook.

Tuesday: Today was a writer’s day.  We’ve been talking about thinking as we read, and now we’re talking about thinking before you write.  We took notes on pre-writing and completed a pre-writing organizer in the writing section of our writer’s notebook.  You can practice spelling with  We are working on list 2.

Homework: Some students need to finish their pre-writing organizer and write their 4 vocabulary words with their definitions in the “word work” section of their writer’s notebooks.

Wednesday: We’re back on a reader’s day.  We continued to take notes on thinking as we read.  Students were required to use post-it notes at 3-4 places in their reading today where they stopped and thought about the text.  Near the end of the period, we met in partner groups to discuss our post-its and ask each other questions about our reading.

Homework: Some students may need to finish reading 10 pages, mark 3-4 post-its, or finish the grammar page we worked on today.

DURING LIBRARY: Students can practice spelling words online (click link on Tuesday), click here for a timed test on writing complete sentences, or click here for a link to many different games to practice identifying complete sentences.

Thursday: We worked on our stories today.  We will continue to work on them tomorrow.

Homework: Spelling test tomorrow

Friday: We took a spelling test, wrote a weekly letter, and finished our stories.

Homework: Students need to finish writing weekly letter and/or their pre-writing stories

September 16-20

Monday: We finished the first page of our Bible packet today.  We reviewed what Peter meant by the “living stone” and talked about how we are a chosen people and royal priesthood.  In language arts, students read chapters 2-3 in Old Yeller and completed their role.  Those roles MUST be finished for tomorrow when we meet in our groups to discuss.  We also got our new spelling words.  Every student needed to replace at least one regular word with a word from their spelling dictionary.  Our spelling dictionary words take precedence because they are the words we know we have trouble with and need to work on.  In Heritage we learned about the lost colony of Roanoke and came up with our own theory on what happened to the colony.  Lastly, we read about minerals and were assigned the page on “Munching Minerals” in our textbook.

Homework: Students may need to finish reading chapters 2-3 and completing their language arts roles.  Spelling homework is due Wednesday.  Munching minerals is due Thursday.

Tuesday: The students completed the journal questions 1-2 on page 7 (only the first two questions will be answered) for Bible.  In language arts, we met in our literature groups to discuss our reading and roles.  Many students were still not prepared for class.  Students should prioritize their language arts homework because it’s the only assignment that NEEDS to be completed for the next day.  This afternoon we read more about colonial and frontier homes.  We also completed an activity putting chinking in log cabin models.  We wrapped up the day by doing a little research on our mineral.

Click here to practice your spelling words online.  We are on list 2.

Students: Click on the links below to read information about your mineral.

Vitamins and Minerals

Click here if you have calcium

Click here if you have iron

Wikipedia page on various minerals and how minerals get in the food we eat

Mineral Chart

Homework: Some students need to finish Bible, spelling homework is due tomorrow, and Munching Minerals is due on Thursday.

Wednesday: Many exciting things happened today!  We listened to a great message from Addison’s dad about Balaam and his talking donkey.  In the next two day, the students will read chapters 4-6 in Old Yeller and complete their language arts role.  That means we need to have that assignment finished and be able to discuss on Friday with our group.  We also talked about something tricky today: transitive and intransitive verbs.

DURING LIBRARY:You can click here to quiz yourself!  Here is another website that will allow you to study, play games, and quiz yourself.  Go to to practice spelling.  We are on list 2.  We’re still struggling with knowing what the verb is in the sentence.  Click here to practice verbs with games or even click here for more practice with verbs.

This afternoon, Madeline brought in the movie The Adventures of Wilderness Family.  We watched part of the movie, saw how log homes were built, and noticed the challenges that might face a frontiersman.  We also were introduced to igneous rocks in science class.  We’ll be watching the following video as we go over the 3 types of rocks.  Students might be interested in completing the food demonstrations in the video as they learn about the different types of rocks and how they’re formed.

Thursday: We filled out 1 Peter 2:19-25 in Bible.  In language arts, we continued to work on transitive and intransitive verbs and finish our literature group role.   Some students are struggling with identifying the verb in the sentence.  You can play the games above (DURING LIBRARY) to practice.  This afternoon, we shared about our minerals and worked on Heritage study guides.

Homework: Spelling test and Heritage test tomorrow (use your study guide to study for the exam).  Finish your language arts role for Old Yeller. Language arts roles MUST be completed for tomorrow

Friday: We talked about how Peter tells us to act and what our attitude should be as we follow Jesus’ example.  We met in our literature groups during language arts.  Half of the class were not ready to meet in literature groups and had to stay in for recess to complete the assignment.  Please remember to check your planners when you get home, so you know what you have for homework.  This afternoon we worked with zentangle patterns and started to create interesting landscapes.  We will finish those projects next Friday.  We took a Heritage test and took notes on metamorphic rocks.

September 9-13

Monday: I apologize for not updating the site on Monday.  I left school early, and we learned the exciting news that we’re having a boy!  Today we talked through how to do spelling homework and looked for new vocabulary in our reading.

Homework: Spelling homework is due Wednesday

Tuesday: We played a game to work on identifying complete sentences.  We also made a comic strip.  Comic strips are excellent because they are small frames that focus on a few sentences at a time.  This allowed the students to put more thought into writing complete sentences in each frame.

Homework: Spelling homework is due tomorrow as well as any unfinished comic strips.

*Please remember to take advantage of online grades (link to online grades are at the top right).  If your information was lost, I can send you your access code and password if you email me.

Wednesday: Students worked on a vocabulary organizer to practice our words for our spelling and vocab test on Friday.  We also completed a few pages in our grammar books.

Homework:  Vocab organizer, 7th grade has pages 12-14 in their grammar books and 8th grade has pages 8-9 

Thursday:  We talked about comma splices and fused sentences (run-on sentences).  We completed a workbook page and took notes on punctuation.  Students started to write a free choice story using correct punctuation.

Homework: Spelling and vocab test tomorrow, students need to write 3/4 page of their story with correct punctuation

September 9-13

Monday– Sorry there was no update today.  I left a little early for our big ultrasound where we found out we’re having a boy!!  Today we finished working on our Mandan lodges, we met in our new literature groups, and we learned about crystals.

The students went over how to do spelling homework.  Students are given a list of 10 words (and 1 bonus word) and need to do 20 points worth of spelling activities each week.  Here is a copy of Spelling and Vocab Homework.  We won’t start the vocabulary part until next week.

Homework: Some students need to finish Bible- Living Hope #1-2 on page 4.  Spelling homework is due Wednesday

Tuesday– Students, please remember to write in your planners!  We need to stay organized and positive so we can do our best work.  Today we completed session 2 of our literature groups.  I was happy to see everyone making an effort to work together!  In Heritage, we looked at the differences between the Mandan lodge and the Anasazi homes.  In science, we looked over our work from yesterday and started to grow crystals by making rock candy (this project will take a week or two and then students can bring it home).

Here is a link to a rock candy recipe if you want to do it at home: Click here

Homework: Spelling homework is due tomorrow.  Please check online grades for any missing work.

Reminder: Only one family has logged into online grades.  I encourage everyone to take advantage of checking the grades online!

Wednesday: Today we worked in our literature groups.  We read a few pages in science and watched a couple short videos on crystals.  In Heritage, we completed a Venn diagram on tipis and longhouses.

Homework: Students may have language arts pages 4 and your role or Heritage Venn diagram

Thursday: Today is library.  Try practicing grammar with the games below.  Only two students were ready for language arts today.  Students need to make sure they write homework down into their planners!  The literature circles (book clubs) that we’re doing in language arts require that the kids are ready to discuss in their groups each day.  It holds the group back when one team member isn’t ready.

Balloon Noun Game

Noun Dunk

Grammar Blast

Want to practice your spelling words?  Click here to play games online!  It’ll be the first list (5th and 6th Grade List 1)

Homework: There is a spelling test tomorrow.  Language arts homework (individual roles for lit groups) need to be completed

September 4-6 2013

Wednesday– This has been the first day of 7th and 8th grade language arts!  We went over the rules and expectations of the class and looked at a PowerPoint on the purpose of language arts.
Homework: Students need to bring back their signed rules sheet by Friday.

Thursday: Students filled out a reading inventory and went to the library to practice picking a just right book.

Homework: Students need to bring a book and two notebooks for tomorrow.

Friday: Everyone showed up with a book they wanted to read.  We read 15 pages of our book and wrote a letter.  The letter needs to be 3 paragraphs long.  The first paragraph is a summary of what they read today.  In the second paragraph, they picked a topic to write about (favorite part, predictions, author’s style, etc).  Lastly, they wrote 3-4 questions in the third paragraph.  These questions will be answered by one of their peers.  Some question examples are: What would you do if…. (pick a situation that the character went through) or Why do you think __________ happened?

I will grade letters on correct formatting (letter format with greeting, closing, and paragraph indentations), spelling and grammar, and content.
Homework: Letters are due on Monday