November 24-26

Monday: We played a game like Scattegories to think about things we’re thankful for during Bible.  We also met in prayer groups.  During language arts, we listened to chapters 19-20 together and talked about what we read.  Afterwards, we found the parts of speech in a mentor sentence from chapter 20.  The students had an easier time identifying parts of speech after working on their big project.  In the afternoon, we played Boggle as a class in our grammar mini time since we don’t have spelling this week.  Later we worked on filling out a Heritage study guide and we started prep work for a court case on vaccines.

Homework: Heritage test and study guide are due this Wednesday, Nov. 26 as well as the Parts of Speech Project

Tuesday: We reflected on things we are thankful for again today and prayed as a class.  In language arts, we took notes on dependent and independent clauses, completed an exit ticket on the new information, and we wrote two complex sentences.  Afterwards, we listened to chapter 21.  This afternoon, we made vocabulary cards for the words bore, bale, reproachfully, fledging, and fagot.  We did final work on our Heritage study guides and played a study game.  We also did our final prep work for our science court case tomorrow on vaccines.

Homework: Heritage test tomorrow and study guide is due.  Parts of Speech Project needs to come in tomorrow and we need to be ready for our science court case


November 17-21

Monday: Click here for our language arts web activity

We worked on fruits of the spirit posters this morning.  In language arts, we went to the computer lab and used the link above to view pictures of the island and read the real story of Karana.  We used the map activity and our book to plot important points on the island.  Some of the students had enough time to take the quiz (where it says “Finish”).  In the afternoon, we were given our spelling lists: 5th Grade List 7 (all lists are in that document).  We split into groups to practice our new words for  grammar mini.  Afterwards, we created viewed a PowerPoint: PowerPoint – Lesson 4 – The Home Front during World War I – The Twentieth Century Way Unit and then started working on our own propaganda posters.  Propaganda Poster Activity– Lesson 4 – The Home Front during World War I – The Twentieth Century Way Unit For science, we used pages 352-359 to complete workbook page 236.

Homework: Science WB page is due tomorrow, spelling homework is due Wednesday

Tuesday: In Bible, we worked on our fruits of the spirit posters.  In language arts, we did a challenge activity (teams competed to draw the most detailed picture of Karana’s shelter from chapter 12).  We read chapters 11-12 together as a class.  And we compared the author’s note on page 187 to the article we read yesterday “The Real Story of Karana.”  The students wrote a solid paragraph of 4-5 sentences on how those two accounts are different and which is mostly likely true with reasons supporting their opinion.  In the afternoon, we made vocabulary flashcards for the words sinew, clamor, gruel, and grating.  In Heritage, the students finished their propaganda posters and gave critique on each other’s work.  Lastly, we went over this PowerPoint and read pages 362-363: Immune System

Homework: Parts of Speech Project is officially due November 26 (the day before Thanksgiving break) and Genetics Poster is due this Friday

Wednesday: This morning we heard a presentation from overseas missionaries on reaching other people groups.  We learned many new facts on how to share about Jesus.  In language arts, we are working on reading chapters 13-18 and writing a 4-6 summary on each chapter.  We will continue working on that tomorrow.  In the afternoon, we talked about literary devices and read two poems written during WWI.  We met in partner groups to discuss the poems and find literary devices in the poems.

Thursday: This morning we looked at a few verses on friendship and watched the video below.  We went through this worksheet (Untitleddocument(2)) and thought of examples on how to fill our people’s buckets.  We are going to keep a class bucket that we will fill with pompoms/cotton balls.  If we can fill the bucket with positives, we will have a party!  Our goal is to be kind to each other and positive influences in our classmates’ lives.  In language arts, we continued working on reading chapters 13-18, writing a summary for each chapter, and completing the worksheet.  We also took some time to make a parting gift to our BSU practicum student.  In the afternoon, we started working on the Spanish song, “Mi Burrito Sabanero.”   We also read until the end of the chapter in Heritage and completed a worksheet on the ending of WWI.  Finally, we created a wanted poster for a bacterial pathogen: Bacteria Wanted Poster Research Project PLAN


Friday: We prayed together as a class this morning and then wrote notes of encouragement to each other, practicing filling our buckets!  In language arts, we took a spelling test and discussed the chapters we read in our groups, recording our comments: ch. 11-18 This afternoon, we worked on a handwriting sheet for grammar mini.  In Heritage, we played a WWI game and finished our bacterial pathogen posters in science.  In art class, we created turkeys in disguise (trying to help Thanksgiving turkeys from being eaten).

November 10-14

Monday:  In Bible, we had a discussion on the difference between core beliefs and opinions.  We talked about how there are some things you need to believe in Christianity and other things that are opinions and fun to discuss.  I wanted to make sure that as we discuss different topics, the students feel comfortable with the possibility of holding different opinions.  At the beginning of language arts, we split into groups and completed a challenge (creating an origami boat) to see which team won immunity (the team that assembled the boat quickest will win a shorter assignment this week during language arts).  We then put post-it notes where we had questions, made connections, or read something interesting from chapters 1-5.  We brought those markings to our groups to discuss and also went over these questions: Chapters 1-5.  Students discussed their responses to those questions and wrote them down.  For spelling this week, the students chose words from their spelling dictionaries.  In grammar mini, we practiced spelling with a partner.  In Heritage, we played a trench warfare game with paper balls in the outer building.  Lastly, we watched this video to kick off our new unit in science on the immune system and completed workbook page 233.  As it turns out, there are germs on the floor even if we pick up food we dropped within 5 seconds!

Homework: Spelling homework is due Wednesday

Tuesday: In Bible class we completed a worksheet on Bible customs.  BibleCustoms We found out what people at that time ate and if they brushed their teeth.  In language arts, we wrote a detailed paragraph on what we predict will happen next in the book.  Students were required to find evidence from the book to support their prediction.  Most students wrote about half a page.  We shared our predictions aloud and gave feedback on how well we supported our predictions with evidence.  For grammar mini, we quizzed each other on our Island of the Blue Dolphins vocabulary and then played a vocab game as a class.  In Heritage, we got drafted for the war and filled out these draft forms.  We also read an article about the draft and discussed people’s reactions to the draft.  During science we read pages 352-353 and took swabs of places around the school where we thought bacteria might be growing.  We took samples and smeared them on homemade agar solutions: See recipe for homemade agar.

Wednesday: Our chapel speaker talked to us about peace. In language arts, we read chapters 6-8 and worked on parts of speech project and other work when finished.  We worked on our parts of speech project again for grammar mini.  In Heritage, we read in our textbooks through page 60 and played a game of jeopardy that went over into science.  We finished a little early and played outside.

Thursday: We worked on our fruits of the spirit posters in Bible class.  In language arts, we read chapters 9-10 and worked on missing work afterwards.  This afternoon we started making Spanish alphabet flashcards.  We made Venn Diagrams on two battles.  One was comparing/contrasting the battles of Jutland and the Marne.  The other compared/contrasted Verdun and Somme.  For each diagram, the students found 4 differences and 2-3 similarities.  In science we read pages 354-355 and discussed those pages.

Homework: Venn Diagrams are due on Monday, November 17.

Friday: We did honor roll this morning.  Congratulations on those that made honor for the first quarter!  We also received prizes for calendars and wreaths during assembly.  After assembly, we had just enough time to explain curling and meet in prayer groups.  During language arts, we completed pages 6-8 of this packet island_blue_dolphins and took a spelling test.  At the end of language arts, we took time to get our things packed for the end of the day and do our end of the day roles.  After recess, the students went curling for their end-of-the-quarter reward!

These pictures aren’t great, but here are our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners for bacterial growth!

1st: Madeline’s swab of a toilet seat in the girls’ bathroom

2nd: Ben’s swab of the door handle on the front entrance

3rd: McKayla’s swab of the cafeteria floor

Bacteria 3









Bacteria 2

Bacteria 1Homework: Venn Diagrams are due on Monday

November 3-7

Monday: In Bible class, we created a list of questions we have about God/Christianity.  We want to address those questions and help the students with whatever they’re struggling with in their faith.  In language arts, we continued to work on our parts of speech project.  In the afternoon, we corrected science study guide pages 214-216 (in workbook) and played a short review game.  We also went out to the computers and completed the webquest and additional interactive.

Heritage: Do First-Trench Warfare Webquest: Answer the questions and write 3 journal entries as if you were a soldier in WWI fighting in the trenches.  Talk about the conditions of the trenches and your experiences.

If you finish early—- click this link for an interactive.

WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED: Click here for another interactive and write a summary of one video you watched

Tuesday: In Bible we read Why Did God Create Us (two articles from Chritianity Today).  These articles address our first class question “Why did God create us?” We will continue to discuss the topic on Thursday.  In language arts, most students have completed about half the parts of speech project.  We went over some details about the project and continued to work.  We will have about one more class period to work on this in school, and it will be due on Friday.  In the afternoon, we tried to come up with definitions for the made up words “tribioance” and “deforestity” based on what we know about those prefixes, suffixes, and roots from our spelling lists this year.  We also took a science test, read pages 50-52 in Heritage, and watched the following Horrible Histories.

Homework: Spelling homework is due tomorrow.  Parts of Speech project is due Friday, along with the Heritage Webquest.

NOTE: Friday is the end of the quarter.  All work MUST be turned in to participate in the end of the quarter reward.

 Wednesday: We have a sub on Wednesday, so here is the game plan.  We have chapel in the morning, followed by the start of a new unit in language arts.  I am aware that students are still working on their parts of speech projects.  We will have more time to finish during grammar minis this week and library.  We will be completing a group activity creating a banner for our team in language arts.  We are starting our first book unit on “Island of the Blue Dolphins,” and the unit is set up in a similar way to the game Survivor.  In the afternoon, we will correct a partner’s word search on their spelling words.  We will be creating a poster on genetics: Genetics Poster.  Finally, we will be reading about the history of bubble gum, answering the questions, and completing the writing activity.

Thursday: In Bible class, we continued to discuss why God created us.  We met in new groups to talk about the discussion questions and then listed our ideas on an anchor chart at the end of class.  In language arts, we worked on making vocabulary flashcards and met in our groups to finish our flags and rules.  In the afternoon, students worked on vocabulary or their parts of speech project during grammar mini.  We continued working on our genetics posters in science, and we read this article in Heritage on the sinking of the Lusitania.  We made a T-Chart of reasons why Germany holds responsibility for the Lusitania sinking and why Britain may also be at fault.

Friday: In Bible, we read this article Kalam Argument.  We discussed it in groups and as a class.  We’re starting to address the next question, “How did it all start?”  In language arts, we took a spelling test that will go towards this quarter’s grade.  We read chapters 1-5 in The Island of the Blue Dolphins and finished vocab flashcards on new words in these chapters.  This afternoon, we continued to read or work on flashcards during grammar mini.  For the rest of the afternoon, we made hardtack and look at other WWI recipes.  While the students were waiting for the hardtack to cook, we worked as spies carrying top secret information about the Schlieffen Plan.  We attempted to disguise information about the plan in the form of a dollar bill that we could put in our wallets and escape with.

Homework: Students need to finish reading chapters 1-5 for Monday and complete vocabulary flashcards.