Jan 30- Feb 2

Monday, January 30- Watch part of the movie “Huck Finn”

Tuesday, January 31- Finish the movie and start a discussion on internet research

Homework: Finish Venn Diagram on internet vs. traditional sources if not finished in class

Wednesday, February 1- Look at the PowerPoint and complete the questions as students discover which sites are best for research http://www.readwritethink.org/files/resources/lesson_images/lesson983/student.pdf

Homework: Complete questions if not finished in class.  Venn Diagram due

Thursday, February 2- Learn how to cite internet sources http://www.readwritethink.org/files/resources/lesson_images/lesson983/organizer-form.pdf

Homework: Citing Sources worksheet if not completed in class



January 23-27

Monday, Jan. 23– Spelling pretest, spider web on freedom, and discussion on materials and hypothesis requirements

Homework: Students should have the book finished before class starts.

Tuesday, Jan. 24– Discussion on ethical systems and Huck Finn

Ethical Systems (Link to powerpoint)

Wednesday, Jan. 25– Discuss themes in Huck Finn, spelling work

Thursday, Jan. 26– Huck Finn essay exam and spelling test

Homework: Spelling homework and materials and hypothesis section of the science fair research paper are due

Friday, Jan. 27Skiing!  Students will be given back their materials and hypothesis for revision.  A revised copy is due on Monday, January 30th.

January 9-13

Monday, Jan. 9- Take spelling pretest, meet in small groups to answer and discuss questions on Huck Finn study guide, and go to computer lab to work on spelling

Homework: Completed literature packet due today

Tuesday, Jan. 10- Read chapters 21-25 and fill out study guide chart

Wednesday, Jan. 11- Literary Devices and writing time

Homework: Pop quiz today over chpts 21-25

Thursday and Friday- Read chapters 26-31 and complete study guide

Homework: Spelling homework due Thursday

Jan 3-6 2012

It’s a new year with new opportunities to start afresh! Welcome back students.  I hope everyone had a fantastic break!

Tuesday, Jan 3– We will be finishing a discussion on irony and reading Kate Chopin’s “Story of an Hour” in small groups.  We will also have time to work on spelling for the week and finish up our winter break assignments.

Wednesday, Jan 4– We will be discussing the chapters we read over break as a whole group.  Then we will split into groups to reflection on the first 15 chapters and introduce the second half of the book.

Homework: Winter break assignment is due

Thursday, Jan 5– Read chapters 18-20 and fill out literature role.

Homework: Finish reading a literature roles for tomorrow.  Spelling homework is due

Friday, Jan 6– Discuss chapters 14-20 in groups. We will be taking the final spelling test.