September 26-30

Monday: This morning we shared about our weekends and talked through our lockdown procedure.  Next, we discussed cause and effect relationships in language arts.  We practiced this together, participating in a language arts game show where the grand prize was forehead stickers.  For independent work, the students highlighted effect statements in an article on the Civil War and matched causes with their effects.  Our mentor text for this week is Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed.  We made observations about this week’s sentence, and learned some facts about naked mole rats.  Did you know they can live up to 31 years, making them the longest living rodent in the world?  They also lack Substance P, so they cannot feel pain.  We believe God made them this way because carbon dioxide can build up in their tunnels and create acid, so they have to be able to withstand that in their environment.  For grammar mini, we watched the interjection song below and the colons video.  We completed a practice on colons by inserting them where they were missing in sentences and creating lists of things we would like to buy at the grocery store.  Lastly, we reviewed the homework reading in Heritage (pages 29-31) and started gathering information we will use for a debate on Christopher Columbus.

Homework: Spelling test tomorrow, spelling homework is due tomorrow, cause and effect worksheet if unfinished, colon worksheet if unfinished are due tomorrow\

Tuesday: This morning we talked about messages we receive from the world and how they influence us.  We reflected on that through an acronym called TEST (Is it True?  Is it Edifying to others?  Is it Seen in God’s word?  Is it a Trap/enslaving?).  Later in language arts, we completed the parts of speech on our mentor sentence, took a spelling test, and read through a cause and effect article on school lunch.  In the afternoon, we practiced 5 new vocabulary words (lavatory, frenzied, douse, treacherous, and offbeat).  Then we had our debate over Columbus- the kids did a great job respectfully debating!  Lastly, we read about our 5 senses.

Homework: lunch room questions are due tomorrow 

Thursday: This morning we had a sharing time, prayer, and bus safety.  During language arts, we watched the Pixar film “Day and Night” as a warm to compare and contrast.  We also read an article on alligators vs crocodiles.  The students plotted information about those animals on a Venn diagram.  The students had a period of free write during grammar mini.  We read about Jamestown, watched the videos below, and graphed Jamestown’s population changes from 1607-1611.  Lastly, we read to the end of the unit in science and learned about sleep, memory, and hormones.

Homework: Jamestown graph is due tomorrow, 5 senses story is due tomorrow


September 12-16

Monday: This morning we started a discussion on salvation.  We started watching a message from Francis Chan on the topic.  It starts with acknowledging that there is a God and that we are created to glorify him.  We will finish the video tomorrow and continue our discussion.  During language arts, we looked through several books and decided which genre the books belonged to in small groups.  Later the students drew a genre from a hat and spent some time writing a story about that genre.  We also started a mentor text in language arts on Christopher Columbus.  Some of us found learned about a different side of Columbus than we’ve been exposed to in school so far.  During Heritage, we learned about the cardinal directions and came up with acronyms to remember the directions (For example, one that I like is “Neckties Excite Sassy Weathermen”.  Just remember that the beginning of those words are N, E, S, W for North, East, South, and West. Those directions go clockwise.).   Lastly, we made space craft designs that could land on a sea of Oobleck, keeping in mind the properties of Oobleck we recorded as a class last week.

Homework: If you come up with an acronym to remember the cardinal directions, we will write them down tomorrow morning.  The person with the most creative acronym will have bragging rights!

Tuesday: We continued talking about the meaning of life according to the Bible.  During language arts we played genre bingo and talked about parts of speech in context of our mentor test Lives of the Explorers.  Later in grammar mini, we defined latitude, longitude, geography, and cartography.  We found that the conjunctions “yet” and “but” worked best to contrast the differences between latitude and longitude; geography and cartography.  In Heritage, we posed the problem of making a 2D world map from a spherical globe.  We talked about the types of maps that were created to try and solve this problem.  We demonstrated that struggle with trying to flatten an orange peel.  Lastly, we previewed the brain by reading a Kids Discover magazine on the brain and responding to it.

Homework: Magazine article response questions are due Thursday

Wednesday: We did not have a chapel speaker this morning, but we did have a former student come and share his testimony with our class.  He was able to do it without planning it ahead of time (how cool!).  After that, we reviewed types of genres and looked over the problems we had gotten wrong on our practice.  We tried working through it again.  During grammar mini, the students were given their first spelling list.  We will be getting spelling lists on Wednesday and testing the following Tuesday.  This allows each student the weekend to practice.  Our rule this week is on changing y to i.  In the afternoon, we read about longitude and latitude.  We viewed the videos below, did a craft on longitude and latitude, and we ended with some practice finding locations on the globe.  Lastly, we read about the parts of the brain and briefly viewed an interactive brain online.  You can view this too here: Brain Interactive.

Homework: Magazine article response questions are due tomorrow and spelling practice is due on Friday

Sept 7-9 2016