October 29- November 2

Monday– Students need to read through chapter 10 in The Island of the Blue Dolphins.  Tomorrow they will be responding to a writing prompt, so they need to do the reading to do well on tomorrow’s assignment.
We are taking a Heritage exam today.  Some of the students decided to do the wind tunnel project.  The projects look amazing!  They are so amazing that I wanted to include some pictures!

Tuesday– We had an introductory lesson on WWI.  The students pretended they just got drafted, and we made hardtack like the American soldiers would have eaten during the war.  Click here for a link to the recipe and other WWI favorites.

For homework: Some students need to finish language arts homework (worksheet 14, grammar exercise 7-10, and write 1-2 paragraphs on what was (un)believable about chapters 7-10).  Students may also need to finish coloring a map of WWI alliances.

Thursday– Many of the students didn’t finish their science homework.  They need to complete page 237 in their science textbook.  Some students have missing work.  Be sure to check planners to see what is missing!

Friday– We spent a lot of time working on our science study guide because we have an exam on Tuesday, Nov. 9th!  Make sure to study over the long weekend!  Some students need to finish their study guide at home.  Please make sure that you are caught up with all of your work.  The 1st quarter is ending on Friday, Nov. 9th.  The students need all their work in to participate in the end of the quarter reward (we will be going curling on Friday, Nov. 9).


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