September 30-October 3

No school Monday

Tuesday- We took a Bible verse quiz this morning and then read about who wrote the Bible.  In language arts, we covered our last text feature on problem and solution and sorted sentences by complete and incomplete.  In the afternoon we came up with a new vocabulary word, worked on our car designs, and read an article about sleep.  Students will be keeping a sleep journal for the next week or so.  Did you know students this age need approximately 9-10 hours of sleep?  We’re going to find out if we’re getting enough.
Homework: No spelling this week, try to remember what time you went to sleep and about what time you actually fell asleep

Wednesday– Our chapel speaker talked to us today about joy.  We sang some songs and really felt joyful by the time we left!  In language arts we completed a short activity on subject-verb agreement and practiced fact and opinion.  This afternoon, we went around and had the other classes vote on our car diagrams.  Everyone did so well on their projects that they were all winners!  The students presented their automobiles well, and afterwards we talked about some of the things that may have affected the voting (such as color in the diagram and the drawing taking up the whole paper).  We also read about the senses and did a sensitivity experiment.

Thursday- Today was Sharon’s last day until May.  We will miss her!  In Bible, we worked on a worksheet and practiced finding evidence from the text to support our answers.  In language arts, we completed an exercise on subject-verb agreement, did a couple quick practice activities on persuasive text, and engaged in the ultimate persuasion challenge: trying to convince someone to buy a product we don’t like!  In the afternoon, we did an assembly line simulation and reflected on that experience.  We also read to the end of the chapter in science and started on page 230 of our science workbooks.

Friday– Students worked on a science study guide today and there will be an exam on Monday.

Homework: Please study for science exam- use your book and your study guide


September 22-26

Monday: Today we are working on writer’s workshop.  We warmed up with a sentence expanding activity.  From that activity, students worked on creating a story around that sentence.  7th grade requirements: 5 adjectives in your writing, minimum of 3 paragraphs.  8th grade requirements: 3 adverbs, minimum of 4 paragraphs.

Homework: Bring your stories to class tomorrow.  Spelling homework is due Wed and spelling test on Friday

Tuesday: Today we wrote down a list of our writing territories and started to create a story with a specific genre, audience, and topic in mind.

September 22-26

Monday: In Bible, we read Colossians, marked places to discuss, and met in groups to talk about our findings.  We’re at the end of the unit and will most likely take an in class exam on Thursday this week.  In language arts, we talked about cause and effect and dissected sentences to isolate the cause from the effect.  Students were given a new spelling list.  We are working on list 6: #22-31 and bonus word #32.  5th graders were given the option of taking a modified list. This afternoon, we met with a partner to take a pretest and complete a spelling activity.  Pretests can go home to help students focus in on the words they need to study this week.  For science, we read pages 330-331 and created a neuron.

Homework: Some students need to finish creating their neuron (can be made with different string).  Spelling homework is due Wednesday and spelling test on Friday

Tuesday: In Bible, we met in small groups to pray and copied our memory verses (Colossians 3:12-14).  In language arts, we read an article and found evidence of cause and effect.  We then found cause and effect sentences in our independent reading.  This afternoon, we worked on two new vocabulary words (vex and futile), learned about horseless carriages, and played synaptic tag to review how neurotransmitters move from the axon to dendrites.

Homework: Cause and Effect worksheet is due on Thursday, Bible verse quiz next Tuesday, Sept 30th on Col. 3:12-14

NOTE: Information about logging into online grades has been sent out through email, and I will send students home with a hard copy tomorrow

Wednesday: Our chapel speaker talked to us today about producing the fruits of the spirit and sanctification.  It takes some time to become better at being loving, kind, patient, etc.  After chapel we worked on Venn Diagrams in language arts.  Our grammar mini was on writing hamburger paragraphs, and we watched the following video on steam engines.  Hopefully by the end of today, students have a better understanding of how a steam engine works.  Lastly, we took a quiz on neurons in science and made a Venn Diagram on the autonomic nervous system and somatic nervous system (page 332).

Homework: Spelling homework has been pushed back to Thursday.  Some students will need to finish their Venn Diagram and hamburger paragraph for tomorrow

Thursday: We practiced our memory verse in Bible class today.  We also talked about how we can prepare and anticipate what subject will be next so we’re able to start working right away.  In language arts, we talked about subject-verb agreement and filled out a Venn Diagram from an article we read.  In Heritage, we met in a “mechanic” partner group to create a 1903 automobile design.  In science, we worked on a reaction time experiment.  Both projects will be finished tomorrow and are not homework.

Homework: Spelling test tomorrow

LIBRARY LINKS– Click on the blue links below to read about the earliest automobiles.  You will use this information to design a car in Heritage.

PICTURES OF EARLY AUTOMOBILES (Look for special features you want to include in your car design)



September 15-19

Monday: Students were given their first spelling list practicing the spelling rule of “i before e.”  Don’t forget the exceptions!  We went over spelling homework.  Students choose how they want to practice their spelling words with 20 points of activities, and spelling homework is due at the end of the day Wednesday.  Remember that this is homework.  We have so much we need to cover this year in language arts that we need to do a little at home.  For our independent work, students found 5 sentences in their reading today with capitalized words.  Under each sentences, they wrote down why they think those letters were capitalized.

Homework: Spelling homework is due on Wednesday.  5 sentences written in your word work section are due tomorrow

Tuesday: We brainstormed reading rituals and what will work best for us to get into reading in the classroom and at home.  Students spent time in silent reading and were given an entrance ticket for class tomorrow.  Students are to read at least 10 minutes outside of class and jot down which reading rituals they actually did.

Homework: Entrance ticket is needed for tomorrow’s class

Wednesday: We took notes on ways how our thinking voice influences our reading stamina.  We want to have a conversational voice when reading, and we practiced that in small groups and individually today.

Homework: 3 thoughts from our reading are due tomorrow

Thursday: Students rewrote a message in text language to formal writing.  We talked about sentence expanding and reviewed the expectations of independent work time.  Students had in class time to write their weekly letter and silent read.

Homework: Weekly letters are due tomorrow

September 15-19

Monday: We veered from our planned Bible lesson to make cards for Grandpa.  In language arts, we are starting a unit on reading informational text.  We’re learning how to use text features to gain more from the text than just reading straight through.  Today we worked on how headings in an article relate to the title.  Some students really struggled with this so we will continue working on this skill tomorrow.  For Heritage, we read about the international date line and practiced figuring out the time in different time zones.  The students have a challenge question to think about: Is it possible for Santa to go around the world in one night?  Take the international date line and time zones into consideration.  Students read pages 326-329 independently for science and completed workbook page 218.  These pages will set us up for tomorrow’s activity of creating a brain hat!

Spelling List: List 6 #12-21, bonus word is acceptance

Homework: Spelling homework is due Wednesday.  Some students need to finish their worksheets on time zones and science workbook page 218.  This will be due tomorrow.

Tuesday: In Bible we talked about the messages we receive in the world and how we need to focus on Christ and not be led astray by worldly messages.  We reviewed how to connect headings in informational text back to the title and worked on gathering information from captions and other graphic aides.  This afternoon, we went to the computer lab to work on Heritage games (expect a Heritage test this Friday).  We also created brain hats and labeled the sections of our brain.image

Heritage Games!

CLICK HERE TO HELP HANNAH– write down your score on a sheet of paper

REVIEW (hemispheres and maps)



Homework: Spelling homework is due tomorrow.  If you did not write down 5 facts from captions, that is due tomorrow

Wednesday: Our chapel speaker talked about love today.  He challenged us to replace love with your name in 1 Cor. 13:4-6 (Ex. Mrs. Hicks is patient.  Mrs. Hicks is kind).  If we can’t say that about ourselves, we may need to work on a few things.  In language arts, we practiced using the glossary to gain information.  This is a text feature we tend to avoid, but it is essential when learning new vocabulary.  In the afternoon, our grammar mini was on expanding our sentences.  We need to work very hard to eliminate sentence fragments from our writing.  We also made an ad for a certain part of the brain and filled out a study guide for unit 1: Maps and Globes.

Homework: There will be a Heritage exam over unit 1 on Friday

Thursday: We read Colossians 3 and filled out missing words from the chapter.  In language arts we rewrote a message in text language and looked at one way informational texts are organized, which is chronological order.  This afternoon, we played a Heritage study game (the boys won by a single point), and we finished working on our brain advertisements.

September 8-12

Monday- Students organized two notebooks, one for reader’s workshop and one for writer’s workshop.  We completed a short word work activity and filled out a reading inventory.  I took a small group to talk through their reading inventory.

Homework: Some students need to complete their reading inventory and turn it in tomorrow.  If you have a book you would like to read from home, please bring it in for tomorrow’s class.

Tuesday– We practiced finding a “just right” book by using the 5 finger rule.  It is very important for students to pick a book they’re interested in and is at their reading level, or slightly challenging.

Wednesday– We took notes on abandoning books, set reading goals for this quarter and started our “just right” book.

Thursday– We added a couple capitalization rules during word work.  We talked about a weekly reader’s letter that will be due every Friday.  The students glued the letter requirements into their notebooks to refer back to later and viewed a sample letter.

Friday– We continued talking about our weekly reader’s letter.  Students used work time to read their books and start on their weekly letter.  IT IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR STUDENTS TO BRING THEIR BOOK TO CLASS.

Homework: Weekly letter is due on Monday (requirements are pasted into reader’s notebook)

September 8-12

Monday– We started our Bible curriculum and started studying the setting of the book of Colossians.  We’re gathering some of the background information we’ll need in order to understand the book better.  For language arts, we looked at a slideshow of different genres and met in groups to sort books into genres.  We also went over spelling homework and had a little time in the afternoon to start working on it.  This afternoon, we attempted to fatten an orange to illustrate the difficulties for cartographers when they try to make a 2D map of a 3 dimensional globe.  In science, we had just a little time to hold a scientific convention and decide on the properties of Oobleck as a class.

Homework: Spelling homework is due on Wednesday.  There will be a spelling test on Friday.

Tuesday– In Bible we finished working on our worksheet going over Colossians.  In language arts, we met in groups to determine the genre of book excerpts.  This afternoon we worked on vocab and learned the word “guffaw” for our grammar mini.  We also worked with atlases and mercator projections.

Homework: Spelling homework is due tomorrow, map worksheet if not finished in class

Wednesday– Our chapel speaker gave the students homework to go outside and spend 10 minutes of quiet time with God.  After chapel, we played genre bingo and were assigned two different genres to write a story about.  In the afternoon we talked about how adjectives in a list have an order from things that are easiest to change to more difficult to change (think Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).  We created a space craft in science that is able to land in an ocean of Oobleck.  In Heritage we talked about latitude and longitude.  Think latitude “flatitude” for the lines that go east and west.
Homework: Spend 10 minutes of quiet time with God tonight for Bible points

Thursday– We examined Paul’s conversion and how he changed in Bible.  In language arts we met in expert groups to study a particular genre so we can teach what we learned to another group tomorrow.  We reviewed our space craft designs and revised them in science.  We also revealed that Oobleck is made of corn starch and water (with a little green food coloring).  Try mixing Oobleck at home (remember to use more corn starch than water)!  Lastly, we played Battleship longitude and latitude in Heritage.  Students became familiar with giving longitude/latitude coordinates and locating them on a map.

Homework: Spelling test is tomorrow.  Please remember to review your words!

Friday- We discussed the difference between worldly riches and riches in Christ in Bible and prayed in small groups.  In language arts we met in groups to share what we learned yesterday.  Students also took their first spelling test!  In the afternoon, we worked on handwriting for our grammar mini, took notes in Heritage, and previewed our new science unit by reading about the brain and filling out response questions.

Homework: Map and Globes booklet is due Monday