March 18-22

Monday: No language arts today due to the two hour late start.  Students should have read halfway through chapter 8, be working on vocabulary, and filling out as much information as they can about their character.

REMINDER: Science fair is this Thursday after school.  Some students are turning in things for science fair late.  The deadlines for science fair have been clearly stated and posted in both classrooms.  Students should not expect me to correct anything this week.  I’m happy to make corrections on their work as long as it’s turned in on time.

Tuesday: We read the rest of chapter 8, worked on chapters 5-9 vocabulary, and finished comma rules on The Westing Game.  We also took notes on 5 prefixes, which we will be tested on Friday.

Homework: There will be a prefix quiz on Friday and a vocab quiz (from chapters 5-9) on Thursday.  Remember to keep filling out information on your character!

Wednesday: We read chapter 9, finished the vocabulary and comprehension sheet, and continued to fill out the character tracker packet.

Thursday: We read chapter 10 and drew a scene from this chapter.  As we worked on this visualization skill, it challenged us to illustrate a chapter that was mainly dialogue.  We also played a game of Mafia at the end of class.

Friday: We took the prefix quiz, read chapters 11-12, and we wrote 8 questions in our reader’s notebook over these chapters.  At the end of class, we talked about how to categorize the questions based on the QAR strategy we covered earlier in the unit.

Homework: Have a wonderful spring break!


March 18-22

Monday: Can you believe we had yet another late start??  Right when the bus came today, all the classes had gym together in the assembly room.  We went to lunch, recess, and came back to work on science fair.  I’ll give the students one more day to work on it in class.  Remember that science fair is this Thursday after school!  We also worked on a writing piece we’re doing in language arts, and we picked out our spelling words for the week.  The last thing we did today was read pages 174-180 and fill out Mussolini’s Facebook page.

Homework: Spelling homework is due Thursday (Students NEED to choose words from their spelling dictionaries first.  We do this because these are the words they know they need to work on, since they have misspelled them on assignments).  

REMINDER: Science fair is this Thursday after school.  Some students are turning in things at the last minute to have me correct.  The deadlines for science fair have been very clearly stated and posted in the room since January.  If you’re turning anything in this week to have me correct, I may not get to it.  Students should not expect corrections on anything turned in this week.  

Tuesday: We added another person of faith (either from Hebrews 11 or from our own lives) to our gallery: Heroes of the Faith.  We have some talented artists in the class that have created some lovely pictures to add to the gallery.  In language arts, we continued to work on the writing piece we’re doing based on Luncia’s story in Survivors: Children of the Holocaust.  Our writing piece is focused on setting and sequencing of events as we retell the story from a minor character’s point of view.  This afternoon, we had time to work on science fair.  We also started Hitler’s facebook (or “fakebook”) page.  These facebook pages are a more interesting way of taking notes, and since this unit is all about historical people, it just seemed to make the most sense!

Homework: Spelling homework is due Thursday/spelling test Friday, science fair is Thursday.  Please remember your board, log book, and written copy (the written copy will be placed on the table with the board and will include everything on the board plus the research and bibliography).

Wednesday: Our chapel speaker today talked about how we can teach about Christ through the Easter bunny.  He based his lesson on an article from Focus on the Family: Finding Easter in Bunnies and Baskets.  This is one article I’m going to bookmark for future years!

In language arts, we looked over our first drafts, completed a self-assessment on our work, and started rewriting a second draft.  This afternoon, we continued talking about Hitler and took a look at Stalin.  We also talked a little bit about vascular and nonvascular plants.

I know the kids are feeling a little stressed, and I am too!  Here’s a little something we watched today to make us smile:

Tomorrow is science fair!!!  Please bring your board, log book, and report with you to class.  We are going to be practicing presenting our projects tomorrow like we will have to do for the judges.  Either bring a nice outfit to change into or come to school fancy!

Thursday: We started to read through 1 Peter today.   We took some notes on how to grow spiritually from 1 Peter 1:13-16.  In language arts, we practiced presenting our boards in front of our peers in order to be ready for science fair.  In the afternoon, we finished reading about Stalin and had a class debate for and against some of the dictators.  We also talked about our biography bottle project each student will be doing over break.  I gave each student enough materials to complete the project, but they can always add more if they want!

Everyone did well on science fair!  I was pleased with how everyone was on their best behavior.

Friday: Today is the end of the quarter!  We had fun playing outside in the afternoon for the end of the quarter reward.

This morning, we continued to study 1 Peter.  We read about Peter in our student textbooks and thought about how we could apply passages of 1 Peter to our lives.  In language arts, we had a special reading buddies, we got caught up on work, and the students who were finished with their second draft met in a small group to share their writing.

Homework: The biography bottle will be due on Monday, April 1st.  Have a wonderful spring break everyone and come back with an attitude to learn!!

March 11-15

Monday- We read chapter 4 and completed a vocabulary builder to practice the vocab words over chapters 1-4.

Homework: All vocabulary should be completed for tomorrow.  There will be a vocabulary/chapter 1-4 quiz on Wednesday.  The remainder of science fair rough draft is due on Wednesday.

Tuesday– Today we worked on comma rules.  The students looked through books for commas and tried to figure out why they were used in those sentences.  We identified rules together and found examples of each rule.  We also reviewed vocabulary for tomorrow’s quiz.

Commas matter!

Wednesday– We read chapter 5 and 6 together as a class so we could stop and write down definitions to new vocabulary words.  I printed off the wrong vocabulary test, so we are pushing back chapters 1-4 vocabulary until tomorrow.

Thursday– We read chapter 7 today and wrote down sentences with commas from the book, categorizing them by rules.  We also took a vocabulary quiz.

Homework: Spelling test tomorrow.  Keep working on science fair!  I cannot correct papers that are turned in a day or two before science fair.  The deadlines have been posted in several places so that I have enough time to look over everyone’s papers before the science fair day.

Friday– We took a spelling test.  We read 1/2 of chapter 8.  We worked on vocabulary and also chose a character to pay special attention to.  Each student was given a packet of sheets to fill out as they read and learn more about their character.

March 11-15

Monday– We started reading about Hebrews today and looked at the differences between the old covenant and the new covenant.  In language arts, we continued to work on our dodecahedron projects on the novels we’ve read.  A couple students finished their projects, and they look great!  In the afternoon, we worked on a Heritage study guide.  When the students were finished, they worked on science fair and language arts.

Homework: There will be a Heritage test on Wednesday.  Students have a speech they will be giving tomorrow.  The remainder of science fair rough drafts are due Wednesday (the abstract, conclusion, acknowledgements, and Biblical application).  There will be a science exam on Friday.

Tuesday– Wow!  We had a lot of things going on today.  We had a surprise chapel this morning, followed by speech class.  In the afternoon, we reviewed for our Heritage exam tomorrow.  We also spent a lot of time on comma rules and finding examples of commas in books around the classroom.  Commas are our main grammatical problem as a class, and they make such a difference!

Homework: There is a Heritage test tomorrow.  The remainder of science fair is due tomorrow.  Spelling homework is due on Thursday, and there will be a science exam on Friday.

Wednesday– We talked about faith as we it is described in Hebrews.  The students each thought of 1-2 people that have been heroes of the faith in their own lives.  In language arts, we are starting a new book Survivors: True Stories of Children in the Holocaust.  We filled out a KWL chart, went over the introduction together, and looked at new vocabulary words we need to learn.  This afternoon, we took a Heritage exam and worked on the science study guide.

Check out some of the things we’ve been doing in class:


What is left of our classroom Hooverville


Thursday– This morning we worked on creating a gallery of heroes of the faith from Hebrews 11.  In language arts, we read the first story in our new book unit.  We also worked on isolating sentences from the reading and categorizing them by rules.  In the afternoon, we reviewed for the science test tomorrow.  Students need to study their study guides AND the flip chart.  The flip chart is a great way to quiz yourself.  We also spent a little bit of time getting caught up on our work and doing science fair.

Homework: Science test tomorrow, spelling test tomorrow, and math test for 6th grade

Friday– In Bible we finished our pictures to add to the gallery of heroes of the faith.  We continued working on reading the first story in language arts and writing down examples of comma rules.  This afternoon, we took a science test.  Many of the students did quite well on the exam.  We also presented our arthropod project and spent a little extra time cleaning up to go home.

Homework: Students need to bring home their book and comma rules sheet if they didn’t finish in class.  We will have some time to work on science fair stuff on Monday, so students are encouraged to bring in something to work on.

March 4-8

Monday– We talked about how to do the remaining science fair write-ups.  We looked at an example of an acknowledgements, and I gave the students a take home sheet on writing the abstract and the conclusion.  Students should be finishing their experiments this week so they are able to write a rough draft of the conclusion and abstract.

Homework: The procedure was due today.  Student need to get that turned in if they didn’t today.  Spelling homework is due Thursday, and we will have a spelling test on Friday.

Tuesday– We had a two hour late start, so we didn’t get to the larger lesson I had planned.  We started working on vocabulary for chapters 1-4 of The Westing Game.  We spent the remainder of the time working on science fair.

Homework: Some students need to finish the vocab worksheet we did in class today.  The remaining pieces of science fair are due on March 13th of next week.  Please stay on top of your work!!  The end of the quarter is fast approaching.



March 4-8

Monday– We talked about science fair this morning.  I gave an extra copy of how to do the abstract and the conclusion for students who lost their packet.  We walked through examples of a detailed acknowledgments and looked at creative and neatly done science fair boards.  I called around town today looking for headers that will attached to the top of the board and no one had any.  If you are really interested in a header, you can find one on Amazon that is fairly inexpensive… but you would have to place that order asap.  Otherwise, you could be creative and make one yourself, but it isn’t required.

Check out these boards.  Which one catches your eye and why?

When you get to gluing things on, I highly recommend spray adhesive.  You have to be extremely precise with it because once you set it down on your board, it’s not coming off!  What I love about it is it won’t make the things you paste on look bubbly and uneven, it’s really fast, and it’s durable.  It’s something you can pick up at Target, Walmart, or Joann Fabrics.

Some of the students forgot to bring their books to read during language arts.  All students need to bring their novel every day to class until we are finished with this unit.  In Heritage, we read about the dust bowl and completed a crossword.  In science, we started a two day project where the students are researching different arthropods.  Tomorrow we will finish the project, and I will be bringing in clay so that the students can make a 3D model of their arthropod.

Homework: Complete up to March 4th reading and activity for language arts, Heritage crossword puzzle is due tomorrow, students should be about halfway through their arthropod project so they’ll finish on time tomorrow.  
March 13th is the due date for the remainder of the science fair written portions: acknowledgments, Biblical application, conclusion,  and abstract.  That means that this week you should be finishing up the experiment part of science fair.  The procedure was due today.  Students will need to make this up if they didn’t turn it in today.

Tuesday– We had a two hour late start today, so in the morning we worked on creating our clay arthropod models.  Almost everyone finished their project today.  Remember to bring that back to school because I don’t have extra clay.  This afternoon, the students had math and then we came back for Heritage.  We played a simulation game to illustrate the difficulties most people faced during the Depression.  At the end of the game, some students had to live in Hoovervilles, make their own clothes, and give their kids up for adoption!  It was a tragic ending for some of the “families.”  Tomorrow we will extend the activity with a discussion and reflection about the simulation.

Homework: Students have to complete today’s reading and activity, Spelling homework is due Thursday, and there will be a spelling test on Friday.

Wednesday– We heard a great chapel on Jeremiah and all he struggled with while being faithful to God.  In language arts, we finished our books and completed the last activity in our packet.  Students need to remember to bring their books to class tomorrow because we will start a final project on the book.  In science, we examined some insects that Mr. Bera brought in for our class.  We also read pages 114-119 and completed the top portion of a graphic organizer on the five groups of animals: reptiles, birds, mammals, amphibians, and fish.  In Heritage, we read about Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the New Deal.  We looked at the following political cartoon and decided whether or not it is in favor of or critical of FDR.

Homework: Students need to finish all the activities in their language arts packet and have read through the book, spelling homework is due tomorrow, and some students need to finish their arthropod packets.