May 22-26

Monday:  This morning we talked about Saul’s conversion in Bible.  The students were given study points for Wednesday’s book test on Survivors: True Stories of Children from the Holocaust.  They also worked on one of two posters we’ll complete over a character from the book.  In the afternoon, we took notes on compound complex sentences and wrote our own.  We finished the graph from our science experiment on Friday, read a new section of text, and did the quick check questions on 177.  Finally, we ended with previewing the text activity in Heritage.  We’ll be writing an newspaper article on one of the events of this unit.  We started that off by showing an example of a news article and deciding which event we’d like to write about.

Homework: Spelling test and spelling homework tomorrow, Book test on Wednesday

Tuesday:  We wrapped up our conversation on Saul’s conversion.  We went through a couple modern situation and how we would deal with them- one on forgiveness and the other on evangelism.  In language arts, we worked on finishing up our 2 biography posters and took a spelling test.  In the afternoon, we did two vocab pictures: redolent and sumptuous.  We worked on our newspaper articles in Heritage, looking up information on our event, and we completed science workbook pages 107-108

Homework:  2 biography posters and science workbook pages 107-108 are due Thursday, Bible memory verse quiz tomorrow

EXTRA CREDIT Opportunity:  I will give extra credit in Heritage for any student who attends this event!

Friday: Busy day gearing up for the final two days of school.  We moved up a grade during Bible class, so we weren’t able to do a lesson that day.  In language arts, we read The Butter Battle Book and made connections between Dr. Seuss’s children’s book and the Cold War.  In the afternoon, we had reading buddies and worked on Heritage study guides.

Homework:  Science exam on Tuesday, spelling test and homework on Tuesday, Heritage exam on Wednesday, Memory verse quiz on Wednesday

Dollar-A-Day Boys: Music and Storytelling about the CCC in Minnesota




1:30 PM to 2:30 PM


Lake Bemidji State Park


Michigan-based author/songwriter Bill Jamerson’s program about the Civilian Conservation Corps includes telling stories, reading excerpts from his novel, and performing original songs with his guitar. He has presented at CCC reunions around the country and at dozens of state and national parks. The program is as entertaining as it is important; as honest as it is fun. It is about people both ordinary and extraordinary, with stories of strength, wit and charm. Outdoors at the amphitheater, indoors at the visitor center in case of rain.


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