October 22-24

Monday– Students are to read through chapter 6 of  The Island of the Blue Dolphins.   5th graders need to have 4 text to self connections based only on chapter 6.  6th graders need to make 4 predictions of what they think is going to happen in the story.  They need to base their answers off of information they’ve read in chapters 1-5.  For example, they might predict that Kimki won’t make it to the other island, because they read in chapter 5 that Kimki is an older man and that he only had a few days worth of food.

Students were also given information about the final exam/project we’re doing on our unit of transportation.  See PowerPoint for more information (students will also be getting a handout tomorrow).

The Wright Brothers (PowerPoint)

Tuesday– Students are to read the rest of the Karana article for homework.  Many of us were unaware that the character Karana in The Island of the Blue Dolphins was based off an actual person.  We also took wind tunnel pictures (fashioned from this link).  It was a fun project that we are going to have up for conferences to show off some of the things we’ve been learning about the wind tunnels, the Wright Brothers, and the four forces of flight.


We took a grammar and reading assessment today.  Students will need to complete their study guides and either study for the final exam on our transportation unit or complete a final project for Mon, Oct 29th.

See Handout (Final Project- Transportation)

Click me for a link on a classroom wind tunnel– very informational!  It does not need to be this large, but this teacher gives a lot of information about the process of constructing a cardboard wind tunnel.  This link was a must read for me as I built my own.


Other News:

Link to the reading and grammar assessments.  You can review your scores online.


Girls: Your login is your first and last name with no spaces (no caps).  Your password is your first name (no caps)

Boys: Your login is your first name (cap for 1st letter).  Your password is your first name (no caps)


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