October 27

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October 19-23

Monday: We started a new rewards system with Good Job Bingo!  We also shared about our long weekend and prayed together.  During language arts, the students worked on their presentations now that we’ve finished the book Old Yeller.  In grammar mini, we looked at our new spelling words (list 9: #11-20) and practiced them with a rhythm activity.  We completed 3 stations in Heritage.  The students read and summarized key points, drew a ziggurat, and built a ziggurat with sugar cubes.  We also read a few pages and did a grid drawing of a dinosaur.

Tuesday: We talked about the covenant God made with David and did a worksheet reflecting on the temple.  Afterwards, the students prepared their presentations and shared them with the class.  Tomorrow we will be starting a new language arts unit.  We looked through our things and made sure to turn in everything for that unit.  Some students may have catch up work if they have a section that wasn’t finished. This afternoon we read in our Heritage textbooks, read an excerpt from the Epic of Gilgamesh, compared it to the Genesis story of Noah and the ark, and the students had a choice of completing workbook page 22 or 23 on the differences in their religion and ours.

Homework: Spelling homework is due Thursday over list 9: #41-50

Wednesday: Our chapel speaker talked to us about why we need the armor of God.  She talked about how we’re fighting a spiritual battle.  We are starting a new unit in language arts on nonfiction texts.  We took notes on how good readers of nonfiction can tell the difference between fiction and nonfiction.  We sorted nonfiction and fiction books and shared why we put them in that category.  Lastly, we worked on Wednesday’s assignment with our mentor sentence.  In the afternoon, we wrote for 20 minutes and tried to include compound sentences.  The students completed an activity on fossils using candy and discovered that the environment affects fossil.  Then we read 43-44 in our Heritage textbook and drew our best illustration of a Mesopotamian boy or girl in accurate clothing, hair, etc.

Thursday: We read in our Bible textbook and in Jeremiah to read another covenant between God and the remnant.  In language arts, we took notes on 4 text features of nonfiction.  We will continue with more text features tomorrow.  Students looked at those text features in their nonfiction book, wrote down new learnings, and silent read.  For Heritage, we read pages 46-54 and completed workbook 27 on the different civilizations in Mesopotamia.

Homework: Workbook page 27 is due tomorrow, spelling test and mentor sentence quiz tomorrow


October 12-14

Monday: Today we read together in Exodus.  Our curriculum skips from Noah to Moses and focuses on the covenant between God and the people.  In language arts, we went over our final group assignment, which will be an 8-12 minute presentation.  Each student chose their role (most will have 2 roles) and started work.  We continued this into grammar mini.  In science the students read the first two pages in our new unit on fossils.  We took a pop quiz over the information.  In Heritage we wrote our names and a short message in cuneiform.  Click here for an article describing their language.  We also had a chance to try out our cylinder seals.  The ones that worked the best had deeper and wider impressions.

Tuesday: We started a Bible worksheet over the information we covered in class yesterday.  In language arts, we started viewing the movie Old Yeller and completing a short assignment comparing/contrasting the book with the movie.  In the afternoon, we viewed a PowerPoint on they types of fossils and took a look an example of cast and molds.  We then went out to the computer lab to work on information about ziggurats.

Click here for the first activity (On the far left side it says “story” and “explore”)

Click here for the next activity (Select “Go to the Dig Site”)

Wednesday: The Gideons handed out Bibles during chapel this morning and talked about discerning God’s will.  We had science this morning where we read about attempts to bring back wooly mammoths, discussed our views, and wrote a short reflection.  In the afternoon, we went over prepositions and infinitive verbs during grammar mini.  We finished watching the movie Old Yeller and completed the worksheet Movie vs Book.  Lastly, the students did extra cleaning for the long weekend.

Homework: Students were given missing work updates during library.  I hope those will go home and assignments will come back next week

Enjoy your days off!


October 5-9

Monday: This morning we finished reading Genesis 9 and started a worksheet over these few chapters we’ve read.  In language arts, we listened to the audio of chapters 13-14 (we’re almost finished with the book!).  We worked on our mentor sentence for the week by making observations on the sentence.  We started music for the first time today, which throws off our schedule for the day.  We had a significantly shortened recess before music class.  Afterwards, we talked through our spelling list for the week (List 9: #31-40) and practiced the words on our own or with a friend.  In Heritage we watched the video below, read to page 25, and completed workbook page 18.  Lastly, we wrote a thank you letter to Hoff’s Rock Shop for letting us come and visit last Friday.

Homework: Heritage Workbook page 18 is due Wednesday.  Spelling homework is due Thursday

Tuesday: We finished our Bible worksheet today and read about the Tower of Babel.  In language arts, we went over the parts of speech in our mentor sentence. We took notes on gerunds and participles.  If you want to learn more information about gerunds, click this gerund link.  If you want to learn more about participles, click this participle link.  During grammar mini, the students added 2 more vocab words to their vocab journals.  Some students have misplaced their journals.  I won’t grade these until we’ve finished the book, so they will need to be redone if lost.  Afterwards, we tried some food from ancient Mesopotamia and wrote a formula poem.  Then we went to the computer lab to work on rock identification activities.

Homework: Noah’s ark Bible worksheet is due Thursday with spelling homework

Wednesday: We didn’t have chapel today, so we worked on make up Bible worksheets and played a game.  In language arts, we finished Old Yeller and talked about the ending of the book while working on our mentor sentence.  We completed a study guide in science and rewrote our Mesopotamia poems.  During library we went out to the computer lab, worked on study guides, and played Moby Max.  Students can work on Mobymax.com at home.  Almost everyone’s username and password are their first name without an caps.

Homework Science test on Friday

Thursday: This morning we did a reader’s theater piece in our Bible textbooks and started a new worksheet on Abraham and Isaac.  In the afternoon, the students started their last literature group discussion and completed their mentor text worksheet for the week.  We read about jobs in Mesopotamia and completed a quiz.