December 16-20

Monday: Today we went over our new spelling words (list 33: 11-20 with bonus word government).  We read chapters 23-25 and wrote summaries for each chapter.  The students have assigned spelling homework this week and need to choose two activities from the vocab tic-tac-toe to complete over the four vocab words they chose for the week.

Homework: vocab activities and spelling homework are due Wednesday, summaries due tomorrow

Tuesday: We took notes on the last set of chapters and read chapter 26 together.

Wednesday: We listened to chapters 27-28.

Thursday: We viewed a PowerPoint (Possessive Apostrophes) on apostrophes and completed a practice sheet.  We also read two new chapters and answered questions on 27-30 (two of those chapters we’ve already read).  We will be having a read and feed tomorrow, so come with a good book!

Homework: Bring a book to read tomorrow

Friday: We had a free read day today.  Students were also given a winter break assignment.  Click here for a copy: Winter Break Assignment


December 16-20

Monday: In Bible class, we finished a worksheet on Jeremiah.  In language arts, we picked two activities to do from our vocab tic-tac-toe.  The vocab words were skein, bereft, and grotto.  We got our spelling words, and each person is assigned their homework again this week.  Lastly, we completed exercise 3 in our grammar packet “Crazy Little Apostrophes.”  This afternoon we took a Heritage exam and skimmed through the rest of the unit in science.  We will have a science exam on Thursday of this week.  A study guide will go home tomorrow, but students can look over the unit in their textbook tonight for extra study preparation.

Homework: Spelling homework is due Wednesday (list 2: 21-30 and bonus word appearance).  Science exam on Thursday

Tuesday: We talked about what happened to the remnant in Judah and how they still didn’t listen to Jeremiah.  We started a worksheet on that section of text.  In language arts, we completed exercise 4 and started reading Las Papas and completing the next packet in Esperanza Rising.  In the afternoon, we corrected our Heritage test answers, filled out a science study guide, and went to the computer lab to work on our Veteran’s Day essays.

Homework: Science exam on Thursday

Wednesday: Our chapel speaker today talked about intangible gifts we could receive this Christmas season: the gifts of joy, peace, and love.  In language arts, we went to the computer lab to finish reading Las Papas and filling out the packet.  Once the students were finished with that, they continued to type their essays.  In the afternoon, we read an article about the Great Wall of China.  Did you know that if you put all the sections of the wall together that it would be about 5,500 miles long?  That’s impressive!  We also took some time this afternoon to play a science review game.  The students sounded like they knew their stuff, but remember to keep studying!

Homework: Science exam tomorrow, spelling homework was due today- turn it in if you haven’t already.  Tomorrow we will be working on a model of the Great Wall of China!  Come prepared to build!

Thursday: We are finishing up the unit on the kingdom of Judah today.  Tomorrow we will finish the unit so we can start a new unit when we come back from break!  In language arts, we viewed a PowerPoint on apostrophes and completed a worksheet.  We also worked on a journal over “Las Papas.”  In the afternoon, we took a science test.  Then we worked on creating a model of the Great Wall of China.  In the spirit of Christmas, our building materials were graham crackers and icing.  See the pictures below as we start our project.  We would like to complete the wall tomorrow, so we are accepting graham cracker donations!

imageimage imageimageimage imageimageimageimage imageimageimageimageimageimageFriday: We had our Christmas party today and also finished the Great Wall of China.  Students were given a winter break assignment to do spelling homework and vocab tic tac toe.  Here are the assignment sheets: Vocab Tic Tac Toe and Spelling and Vocab Homework.  Students are to pick 10 words to do spelling homework over and another set of 10 words to complete 2 vocab activities on (20 words total from the spelling bee lists).  Link to spelling bee lists.




December 9-13

Monday: We took two reading assessments online (the best one will be graded).

Tuesday: We completed the vocab on the next set of chapters, did a practice sheet on apostrophes, and read chapter 18 together.

Homework: The questions for chapters 16-18 are due tomorrow and spelling homework (list 33 #1-10)

December 2-6 2013

Monday: We read chapter 15 as a class, discussed it together, and responded to reflection questions over the chapter.  Students need to remember that group discussion is part of this unit’s grade and also essential to understanding the text.  Our spelling words are from list 32 numbers 30-35, fundamental, belief, possessive, permitted and bonus word carbohydrates.

Homework: I gave each student a specific assignment for spelling homework.  Spelling homework is due on Wednesday.

Tuesday: Students worked independently today reading chapter 16 and answering questions about the chapter.  This chapter raises ethical questions for Huck.  We will be examining those ethical decisions as a class tomorrow.

Homework: Spelling homework is due tomorrow

December 2-6 2013

Monday: In Bible, we met in groups to do an activity about how we can serve God.  Students had thoughtful, deep responses that we were able to talk about as a class.  In language arts, we took notes on how to cite evidence from Esperanza Rising.  I’ve noticed that many students will make statements in their reading reflections but not back up their answers.  Today we worked on providing support to explain our thinking.  This afternoon we spent the entire time on Heritage.  We read in our textbook and watched the video below about Hinduism.  We then completed a Venn Diagram showing the differences between Hinduism and Christianity.  While the video is advanced for middle school, it has some really good information.  It would be worthwhile to review it or talk about Hinduism as a family.  Once you look at their belief system, it doesn’t even compare to Christianity.

Homework: I have assigned specific spelling homework for each student.  Spelling homework is due on Wednesday

Tuesday: In Bible, we read in our student textbook and talked about the Babylonian invasion of Judah.  During language arts, we worked on vocabulary, completed quick questions and quick write.  Some students started working on Las Cebollas.  We will finish the chapter and assignments tomorrow.  This afternoon we spent the entire time on science.  We did a thermal energy lab and made a poster over the information from page 90.

Homework: Spelling homework is due tomorrow, science poster and thermal lab sheets are due tomorrow

Wednesday: During chapel, we practiced for the Christmas program with Mrs. Foss.  Then we finished up our packet on chapter Las Cebollas in language arts.  After that we had lunch, a quick music class, and we went home!  Everyone stay safe on the roads!

Thursday: Library Games

Complete the games in the order below.  The webquest is a required assignment.  Bring paper to use while completing the assignment.

Caste System Webquest (You will be reading the links on whatever caste you’ve been assigned to get enough information to write a journal entry.  You do NOT need to complete a notes sheet, but the journal entry needs to include your daily activities, job, beliefs, and feelings about being in your caste.  It is not important that you read all the information in every link.  Just read enough to be able to write your journal entry.  It should be about 3 paragraphs long.)

Grammar: Sentences

Potential and Kinetic Energy Jeopardy Game (If you finish the webquest early)