Nov 28- Dec 2

Monday, Nov 28- Entire period to read chapters 3-5 and work on lit packet

Note: From this point forward I am making a regular and challenge spelling list.  We will take a pretest on Monday.  If the students get 0-1 words wrong on the regular list, they have to take the challenge list.  If they get 2-4 words wrong, they can choose to take the challenge list.  If they get 5 or more wrong, they need to stick with the regular list for the week.

Challenge list                                                                                                                                                                                 Regular list

Tuesday, Nov 29– Work in grammar books and discuss chapters in groups

Homework: They may have grammar homework if not finished in class

Wednesday, Nov 30– Group discussion over chapters and spelling work

Thursday, Dec 1– Writing skill and writing time

Homework: Spelling homework due today

Friday, Dec 2– Entire time to read and work on lit packet (heavier reading assignment)

Homework:  Students may need to finish reading at home.  Signed reading log due today.

Once again, here is a link to a great website where the students can listen to the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn:


November 14-18

Monday, Nov 14– We will be starting literature circles on the book The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn. You can view an introduction to Mark Twain powerpoint here:  Mark Twain

No Letter this week.  We are repeating the spelling list from last week and will do spelling homework in class.

Tuesday, Nov 15– Adverb charades and spelling work online.  Students will complete a spider web on freedom in groups.

Wednesday, Nov 16– Students will learn how to prepare roles for literature circles.

Thursday, Nov 17– Read chapters 1-2 and fill out the sheet for your role.

Link to audio version of the novel

Friday, Nov 18- Rewrite/type Pros and Cons Essay.

Nov 8-11

Monday, Nov. 7– Enjoy your day off of school!

Tuesday, Nov. 8– We will be doing a little bit of rereading to help improve our comprehension of the story “Through the Gates of Splendor.”  We will start working on writing our pros and cons essay.

Homework- Bring spelling home and start studying. Link to spelling list and activities online. 

Wednesday, Nov. 9– We will be finishing our pros and cons essays.  We will also be breaking into groups to peer edit our work.

Homework: Finish peer editing at home if not finished in class.  Continue to read at home and work on spelling.

Thursday, Nov. 10– We will be rewriting our pros and cons essay.  Time will be given in class to rewrite, to work on letters, and to do some independent reading.

Spelling Homework is Due

Friday, Nov. 11– We will use our essays and knowledge of the story to break into debate teams.  Come prepared to discuss!

Weekly Letter and Pros and Cons Essay are Due