April 25-29

Monday: Our new spelling list is List 18: #21-30.  We worked on apostrophes today, read, and completed a comprehension guide with our reading.

Homework: Spelling homework is due on Thursday

Tuesday: We worked on capitalization and took notes.  We also listened to the audio for most of Act 2, pausing for clarification and to react.

Wednesday: We worked on capitalization this morning, finished the first two pages of a listening and responding, and almost finished Act 2.  The students asked today why we’re working on listening activities.  They are part of language arts standards to help up us become effective communicators.

Homework: Finish Act 2

Thursday: We worked on grammar and then read the rest of Act 3 together.

Friday: Students took a spelling test and we did a final worksheet and discussion activity on the play.  We won’t meet together for language arts until May 9th due to Iowa Basics.  When we meet again, we’ll be watching the movie.  Take this time off to get caught up in any missing work.


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