May 2-6

Monday: We started Iowa Basics today.  We did testing in the morning and had a normal afternoon, practicing “i before e, except after c or when sounded like ‘ay’ as in neighbor or weigh.”  We talked through a few objects and whether or not they have carbon and took notes.  We also played tabla lusoria, a Roman game, and quizzed each other to see if we could identify events from ancient, medieval, and modern times.

You can get extra credit by finding out whether or 5 objects contain carbon (don’t pick 5 types of living things, try something you’re unsure about and look it up!).  You can also get extra credit in language arts by playing grammar games tonight.

Spelling games

Grammar Ninja

Note: The air conditioning has been turned on today, and it’s chilly in our room!  Remember to bring a sweater to make yourself comfortable.

Tuesday:  We had an eventful morning!  Not only were we getting through Iowa Basics, but we also have a mouse visitor that the boys caught in a trash can and named Mousebert.  In lieu of our new class member, we cleaned our lockers and desks in the afternoon.  Try to remember to bring home lunch and snacks at the end of the day.  Let’s keep our room clean and mouse free!  We also did a role playing game to see how carbon can travel from one area to another.  For example, carbon in the atmosphere can move to plants in their process of photosynthesis.  We also read about how the fall of Rome left the land wide open for conquering.  The time between the fall of Rome and the Renaissance (rebirth of education, arts, literature) is termed the middle ages.  We thought about how we might have reacted if we were around to see Rome fall and enter into a new era.

Wednesday: Our morning was full with testing.  Then in the afternoon, we did a group add on writing assignment and expanded it independently.  This went into science, so we ended the day with reading about invasions in the middle ages and creating an ad for a middle ages invention.

Thursday:  Testing and then we practiced using reference materials and maps for tomorrow’s Iowa Basics.  We researched on Islam for the middle ages (click here for a comprehensive website).  The assignment is here.  We also read about stresses on the ecosystem in science (pages 202-205).


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