April 25-29

Monday: This morning we read about the circumstance of Jesus calling the disciples and did a journal entry.  The students noticed that a number of people in the Bible have more than one name, like Matthew… or is it Levi?  In language arts, we read chapter 8 and worked on a worksheet for chapter 8 (don’t do problem 3 until tomorrow).  Later we practiced spelling (list 13: #1-10).  We read about the fall of the Roman republic and the Ides of March.  We watched the video below and filled in thought bubbles for the famous painting “The Death of Julius Caesar” by Vincenzo Camuccini.  Afterwards we worked on our science projects (either the Cup Song or the skit).

Homework: Spelling homework is due on Thursday.  Remember to stay caught up in your reading and worksheets for The Bronze Bow.

Tuesday: We finished the last story in our journal unit on Jesus healing on the Sabbath.  We talked about the Pharisees and their strict reliance on the law instead of making their hearts right before God.  Next we read about Judas Maccabeus, completed a characterization activity, and had a little time to free read.  In grammar mini, we played a game to work on a new set of vocab words (remember that these may show up on Friday’s spelling test- hint, hint).  After that we were very luck to have the BSU girl’s soccer team come work with all the students.  What fun!  If you’re bored tonight, take a look at this silly Bronze Bow game.  I wonder how many students can get to the end?!

Wednesday: Our chapel speaker shared about her families’ mission work in Turkey.  She used Luke 10 for a model we can follow to evangelize to other (bless, fellowship, meet needs, and share the good news) and asked that we pray for a house church to start with a family they met this past December.  Later we worked on capitalization and read chapters 9-10 in The Bronze Bow.  We presented on the water cycle and wrote about what we’ve learned.  Then we learned the difference between then and than, making a quiz for a friend.  Remember that then has an e and so does time.  Than has an a and so does comparison.  I would rather be hugged (then, than) be eaten.  Which is correct?  Lastly, we read about Octavian’s reign during Pax Romana.  We made paper doll Roman soldiers and listened to the legionaries’ equipment.  Did you know that their whole gear weighed about 90 pounds?  Crazy!

Thursday: This morning we wrote our own study guide for tomorrow’s Bible quiz.  We read chapter 11 in class together and worked on more grammar skills with capitalization.  In the afternoon we finished reading the unit on Rome and filled out study guide pages 140-141 in the workbook.  We also completed stations on the nitrogen cycle.  The stations showed us how nitrogen can move from place to place.

Friday: We took a Bible quiz today using our study guides and Bibles.  We also had reading buddies, a spelling and vocab quiz, followed by going over


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