May 15-19

Monday: This morning we read more instances of people laying on of hands throughout the Bible.  We noticed that it was done when appointing leaders and sending out missionaries, healing the sick, and blessing people.  In language arts, we took turns reading the first half of George and Ursula’s story.  As we read, the students worked on determining importance by finding important details in the author’s words and summarizing that event in 5 words or less.  In the afternoon, we finished up science WB 101-102 from last week, read a few new pages, and completed a quick check question from the reading, and we finished with Heritage reading and WB 11-112.

Homework: Science WB 101-102  and Heritage WB 111-112 due tomorrow, spelling test and spelling homework are tomorrow

Tuesday: This morning we read about Stephen and his incredible character in face of death.  We finished George and Ursula’s story.  The students worked on visualization by drawing two important scenes from the second half of the story.  We continued this work into grammar mini, and we also wrote our lines for the music script as requested by the music teacher.  We finished the day with reading a discussing the Iranian hostage situation.  The 6th graders missed science, which was a review of the pages we’ve read recently.

Homework:  Bible memory verse quiz is tomorrow (Proverbs 12:16), science WB 103-104, and visualizations are due tomorrow

NOTE:  We ARE able to have our field trip tomorrow!  Remember to dress for being outdoors and to pack a lunch you don’t need refrigerated or microwaved.  The 6th graders will be missing their middle school class, but we will be back at school in time for the afternoon bus.

Wednesday: Field trip day!  We got back in time for library


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