May 1-5

Monday:  We started Iowa Basics today.  We completed two sections in the morning.  We also read a page in our science textbooks on xylem and phloem.  In the afternoon, we plotted the story of Markus on a story map.  We also met in groups to discuss the atomic bomb.  Tomorrow we will wrap up that discussion as the two groups meet to talk about their point of view.

Homework: Spelling test tomorrow

Tuesday: Iowa Basics were in the morning.  In the afternoon, we viewed a Wally Show interview and the one below (which was cut short due to power outage).  We looked at these to find out what makes a great interviewer and what made a story engaging to listen to.  The 5th graders had a discussion on the atomic bomb, and they read science pages 149-151 and completed quick check questions on 151.

Homework: 6th Graders read 149-151 and answer Quick Check on 151

Wednesday:  Students took their Bible quiz today on John 14:11.  No new verse at this point.  The class spent the morning continuing with Iowa Basics testing. After lunch students started Language Arts by doing a drama warm up game called “What are you doing?”  After the game students were put into pairs to start working on interviews they will be presenting tomorrow.  Interviews are based on a person they have chosen from the book Survivors. The class had some time to work on a Heritage study guide.  Test will be Friday. We finished out the day with Science workbook pages 91,92.

No homework today.

NOTE: Iowa Basics will be wrapped up on Friday (also Cinco de Mayo!).  To celebrate being done and the holiday, we will be having a Read and Feed in the afternoon for language arts.  Kids must bring a book and may also bring a snack to eat while they read!

Thursday:  During Bell work students had the opportunity to continue working on either their Heritage study guide or Science workbook pages 91,92, both from yesterday.  During Bible we read Galatians 5:22-23 and Hebrews 6:7-12 and discussed as a class the fruit of the spirit and what the opposite of the fruit of the spirit might look like in our lives.  We continued with Iowa Basics testing and tomorrow will be our last day of testing!  Students have been working hard.  Please make sure they continue to get a lot of good rest, healthy food and get to school on time.  After lunch and recess students started to present their interviews to the class for Language Arts.  Those interviews will be finished up tomorrow.  We ended the day with some time to either finish the Heritage study guide or to study for the test tomorrow in partners.  Remember – Heritage test tomorrow.  Students also had time to work on Science workbook pages 95,96 – these pages are not homework.

Friday: We finished Iowa Basics this morning and then spent the remainder of our morning free reading and having snack.  In the afternoon, the students took their Heritage exams, we did character interviews, and then we looked over our corrected exams to ask questions and talk through some of the problems the kids may have struggled with.




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