April 24-28


Tree Identification

Wednesday:  In Bible, students took a quiz on their last Bible verse and also received the new verse for the week which is John 14:11.  Quiz will be next Wednesday.  In Language Arts students continued to read through “Survivors” and filled out an exit ticket when reading was completed.  The exit ticket is due tomorrow if it was not completed in class.

For grammar mini today students received their new spelling lists for the week.  Please remember spelling homework is due next Tuesday and spelling test will be next Tuesday as well.

In Science the class went over gymnosperms and angiosperms and also the difference between monocots and dicots.  In Heritage the class is continuing to learn about events that occurred during WWII.  Students filled out a history frame worksheet in regards to the bombing of Japan.  If it was not finished in class it is homework and due tomorrow.

NOTE:  April brings SNOW showers in Minnesota!  The weather will be fluctuating quite a bit over the next few weeks.  Make sure your student is prepared with the right clothing.  Students need to have boots, hats, mittens, jackets and snow pants to be allowed to go outside.  

Thursday:  During Bible we read Acts 2 as a class and had class time to work on workbook page 123.  If not finished in class, it should be handed in tomorrow.  During Language Arts students finished the story they had started yesterday and filled out a 4 square table worksheet in regards to the story.  During Heritage we talked about some of the heroes of World War II and how their actions made a huge difference for many people.  For Science today we reviewed the differences between monocots and dicots and had class time to complete science workbook pages 87,88.  Note: do not do section B on page 88.  If not finished in class, it is due tomorrow. 

Friday: We talked through some of the Bible work that we had questions on yesterday.  We also started a new Bible worksheet.  During language arts, we examined the question “why didn’t the Jews just leave?”.  Our grammar mini time was spent doing reading buddies.  Then we started reading primary documents and articles on whether or not the atomic bombs should have been dropped.  On Monday, we will split the class into two groups and discuss the issues.  We finished up with more time to devote to working on Bible.

No Homework


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