April 17-21

Wednesday:  Coach Jim Stone (head soccer coach for the BSU Beavers) was our chapel speaker this morning.  He spoke about kindness and what that really looks like in our lives.  Students were given their new memory verse for the week, John 14:2-4.  Quiz will be next Wednesday, 4/26.

Thank you to Mrs. Lundberg and William for bringing all the WWII memorabilia to share with the 5th and 6th grade class.  It was great to be able to see actual items from the time period we are studying currently!

During Language Arts we began a new book called, Survivors: Children of the Holocaust.  The dodecahedron project was due TODAY!  Make sure your student turned it in as there were several missing.

In Grammar mini students received their new spelling list for the week.  Spelling homework is due next Tuesday and as usual, there will be a quiz.  Also, the class received a “Stop and Smell the Spelling” worksheet which will be due tomorrow if it was not finished in class.

For Heritage students read pages 211-218 with a partner and worked on a study questions worksheet.  That worksheet is due tomorrow if it was not finished in class.  

In Science students read pages 134-137 and then worked on workbook page 84.  This is also due tomorrow if not finished in class.


Thursday:  Congratulations to honor roll students who received their “rolls” this morning during assembly!

During Bell work we worked on punctuation test prep then corrected as a class.  In Bible we completed a study guide.  During Language Arts we continued reading our new book, Survivors: Children of the Holocaust and worked on a Comma Scavenger hunt worksheet.

In Grammar Mini we took 20 minutes to journal about the following question.

“If you lived 2000 years ago, would you pick to have one cow, one horse or a dozen chickens?  Which would you pick to survive and why?”

In Heritage we read about the code breakers during WWII on pages 220, 221 and also worked on a worksheet.  All decoding should be done on this worksheet by tomorrow.  Answers requiring the book can be done tomorrow in class.

In Science we read pages 138-141 as a class and completed workbook pages 85-86.


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