April 10-13

Monday: We’re working on reading about the events leading up to Christ’s death and resurrection.  We read and discussed the passage in Bible this morning.  During language arts and grammar mini, the kids did two readings and activities.  We are on track to finishing our books and assignments tomorrow.  In the afternoon, the kids made clay models of their arthropods and we read about the reasons for the start of WWII.  The kids either drew or wrote about the reasons WWII started.

Homework:  Be on track to finish the book and reading for language arts tomorrow

Tuesday: This morning assembly went late, so we celebrated a student’s birthday and prayed together.  During language arts, we worked on finishing the reading for our Great Depression books and doing all the activities.  As students finished, they got a jump start on an apostrophe packet that we worked on during grammar mini.  We took a spelling test, presented our arthropod projects, and we designed a military strategy for invading a neighboring country.  Then we compared our ideas to the actual strategy of blitzkrieg to see how closely we would have followed this famous and effective “lightning war.”  Lastly, we read about blitzkrieg and saw how Poland did not stand a chance against Hitler and his invasion.

Homework: Language arts reading and activities are officially due tomorrow as well as apostrophe packet.  6th graders need to have Heritage work they missed ready for tomorrow.

Wednesday: Today we did not have a chapel speaker so we were able to talk as a class about Judas Iscariot and the part he played in the week coming up to Easter.  In Language Arts we started a dodecahedron project in relation to our Great Depression novels.  Looking like a lot of fun and most of the work will be finished in class.  Students also made their own spelling lists for this week from their spelling dictionaries.  Don’t forget spelling homework and test will be next Tuesday!  During Heritage we read more about the “Miracle of Dunkirk” and had fun re-enacting the amazing moment in history.  If you don’t know the story, ask your student about it!  Finally in Science we read pages 110-127 in our textbook and students were responsible for writing down three new learnings.

Homework:  Complete the science reading and write down your three learnings to hand in tomorrow.

Also – Language arts reading and activities were due today as well as the Arthropods packet.  Make sure they are handed in!

Thursday:  In Bible we continued talking about Judas and the timeline of events during the Last Supper.  In Language Arts we continued to work on the dodecahedron projects and will continue to work on them on Monday.  In Science we took a book test over chapter 5.  During Heritage we talked about Winston Churchill and read through some of his speeches.  There is a  heritage worksheet that will be due Monday.  Question #6 is extra credit!  

Have a great Easter weekend!



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