April 3-7

Tuesday: This morning we had our 3rd quarter reward.  We went to the play “Dragonsong” at the Bemidji Chief Theatre.  After the play we had enough time to take a spelling test before lunch.  We had music, did worm stations (6th grade will have to finish this tomorrow during library), and we did another set of reading and activities for language arts.

Homework: Reading and activity for language arts.  Also, our student teacher Annie’s last day is tomorrow.  We’ve been working on cards to give her.  We’ve loved our time with her; she will do great things!

Friday:  This morning during language arts we continued to work on our books that we are reading along with our activities.  Use the weekend to get caught up if you need to.

During grammar mini we worked on creating a back story for a woman in a picture we looked at.  Some students maybe will need to finish this assignment.  During Heritage we continued learning about some of the dictators of different countries and worked on a “In a Nutshell” worksheet.  This will be due on Monday if it wasn’t completed in class.

During science we continued working on our arthropod project and in art we learned a little bit about Claude Monet and his water lilies and created our own water lilies artwork.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the amazing, warm weather!



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