March 27-31

Monday: The weather is warm, and we were lucky to get out and have gym outside! This morning we read Matthew 24 and talked about end times prophesy.  We discussed how people can’t decide how to interpret this chapter, but we can all agree on how we need to act as Christians (to be ready).  During language arts, we completed today’s reading of our Great Depression novels, chose an activity for the day, and we looked for apostrophes in our reading.  The kids tried to group the apostrophes into categories.  Later we viewed an apostrophe PowerPoint and video below.  We also played another Great Depression simulation.  The kids got married in this simulation and tried to survive 4 rounds of hardships people may have experienced during the Depression.

Homework: Spelling homework and spelling test are tomorrow.  The kids need to write 5 examples of apostrophes in daily life (this could be something they see in print or around town.  McDonald’s is an example of a restaurant with an apostrophe.  They do not have to go to a place to write it down).  Bible memory verse on Wednesday- 2 Corinthians 5:17.  And of course science fair- everything needs to come in on Wednesday, the day before science fair.

Tuesday: This morning we did a workbook page on Matthew 24.  One of our students brought us doughnuts for a “you’re-almost-done-with-science-fair” surprise!  During language arts, we went to the computer lab to do our reading and activity.  When they finished, they worked on science fair boards.  This afternoon, we did a singular and plural possessive matching for grammar mini.  We also finished the end of the unit in Heritage and analyzed a political cartoon about FDR and the New Deal.  We finished the day with science fair work.

Homework: Science fair projects should be finished tomorrow, memory verse quiz tomorrow 

Wednesday:  Today Mr. Vaughn came and spoke during chapel about humility.  The students took their quiz on 2 Cor. 5:17.  The new verse for the week is 2 Cor. 9:6-7.  Quiz will be April 5th.  During Language Arts we worked on workbook pages 51 and 52.  If they did not finish that will be due tomorrow.  We also spent some time watching a documentary about the Dust Bowl.  We will finish it tomorrow in anticipation of the Heritage test on Friday.  During Library today students had time to work on finishing their Science Fair projects as needed.  For Grammar Mini we went through a power point on when or if we switch words ending with -y to -ie.  We also worked through a worksheet that should have been finished during class.  Students received their new spelling lists.  Don’t forget spelling homework is due next Tuesday.

Students received a copy of the Heritage study guide and had class time to work on it.  The study guide should be completed by tomorrow so we can use it for studying in class tomorrow.  Test is on Friday.  

During Science we spent a bit of time doing some mock judging and asking classmates questions about their projects.  We will continue this tomorrow.  Science Fair projects must be completed and here tomorrow!  Also, students will be staying after school.  They should bring a snack and/or dinner.  No food will be available for students.  They should also bring nice clothes to change into for the judging.  Parents, family and friends can come at 6:00 pm to see the projects and pick up students.  



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