March 13-March 17

In language arts, we continue to work on grammar rules in writing. Today we looked at Compound Sentences.

DUE tomorrow: Compound sentence packet (for those who didn’t finish in class) AND spelling homework. Spelling test TOMORROW.

Tuesday: We took a spelling test to start.  We were competing with 5th and 6th grade to see who could get the better average score on their spelling test.  The 5th and 6th graders narrowly won (we averaged 8.25 and 5/6 averaged 8.6).  We learned about gerunds, completed and corrected a student worksheet, and finished with a formula poem using gerunds!

Homework: A couple kids did not finish their gerund poems- due tomorrow

Wednesday: The new spelling list went out today. We completed the word study in class on the new words and the students have their lists. Please remember to study through the week. Spelling homework and TEST are always due on Tuesday’s of the following week.

Homeowork: Prepositional Phrase packets and Absolute Phrase Poem for those who didn’t finish in class. DUE tomorrow. 

Friday: We played a jeopardy game to review the grammar concepts we’ve been covering in class.  Everyone did an excellent job!  We also took a pop quiz afterwards

Links to the PowerPoints: Prepositions

Jeopardy Game (can go through slides to review for the pop quiz)

Complex Sentences


Fragments and Run-Ons



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