March 13 – March 17

We had a great day back after a 4 day weekend.

There is a contest between 7th / 8th graders for spelling this week. ALL of the 5/6th graders turned in their spelling homework TODAY (a day early…. YAY!). Remember to have them study tonight as the TEST is tomorrow.

We got through all of our work in class and there is no homework for tomorrow. Have a great night!

Mrs. Jacksen

Tuesday: Mrs. Jacksen had a longer Bible time yesterday so we had time to watch the entire movie of Johnny Tremain during Bible, language arts, and grammar mini.  We took a spelling test in there too, and we narrowly beat the 7th and 8th graders!  We were having a competition to see which class could have the better average score on their spelling test (we had an average of 8.6 and they had an average of 8.25).  During the video, the kids wrote down differences between the movie and book and why they thought those changes were made.  During science, we did a clam dissection (why didn’t I think to take pictures??)!  It was fun and smelly!  The kids looked at the foot, gills, and even opened up the foot to find the clam’s organs. Lastly, the kids read pages 154-158 in their Heritage textbooks on the stock market crash of 1929.  They wrote 3 sentences on why the stock market crashed.

Homework: Clam dissection questions and 3 sentences in Heritage if not finished in class

Wednesday: New Spelling lists were given out and a challenge has been issued again between the 2 grades. Make sure to have your son / daughter study spelling every day this week. New lists are always given out Wednesday’s and the test and homework on the new lists is due the following Tuesday.

Also, the new bible verse for the week is 2 Peter 2:9-10. The memory quiz will be next week on Wednesday.

There is no homework for tonight except to study spelling and bible memory verse. Have a great night!


Friday: Language Arts- At the computer lab —> Click here to access the Great Depression narratives

Here is an option of a narrative to read:

Remember to check the date to make sure your document was written in the 1930’s. You can check the options on the left hand side to search for a narrative on a specific topic.  When you’ve selected a narrative and click on the image, you can click the “show text” button to see the words more clearly.

In Bible we read through Mark 11:12-26.  This is a difficult passage, so our homework is to go home and think about what this passage means.  Be ready to discuss it on Monday.

This afternoon, we played the stock market game.  We also read an article from our Scholastic Kids on the wall Trump has suggested building across our border.

Homework: All due Monday- Scholastic worksheet, 2 found poems, and be ready to discuss Mark 11:12-26


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