March 6 – March 10

WEDNESDAY: In Language Arts today, we worked on identifying and labeling complex sentences. Some finished the practice page in class but those who did not will have the packet for homework over this long weekend. Also, we received a new spelling list. There is a Word Study Roots page that some didn’t finish in class and that will be DUE Monday as well.  Spelling homework will be DUE Tuesday and there will be a spelling test on Tuesday as well. Homework (if it wasn’t finished in class)…. Spelling: Word Study – Roots Page, spelling homework (due Tuesday), TEST on Tuesday. Language Arts: Complex Sentence Packet. 


MONDAY: In Language Arts today, we worked on the different formulas for using commas in our writing pieces. They had some in class time to practice after a power point lesson and then they were given time to do a free writing piece to show the proper uses of the comma formulas taught. Many finished in class but if they didn’t, it was to be written in their planners that it is DUE tomorrow. HOMEWORK for all who didn’t finish in class: Finish free writing piece showing correct comma usage. 

NOTE: No school Thursday or Friday. PLEASE call the office to schedule your conferences. We only have 3 people signed up!



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