Mar 6 – Mar 10

WEDNESDAY: We had a very short day today with Skate-A-Thon happening! We did our final exam on Johnny Tremain and received the new spelling word list. Some finished the spelling Word Study – Roots page in class. If they did not finish, it is DUE Monday. Also, there were 2 students who did NOT have their rough draft papers on their science fair research. These must be in on Monday. Other things to remember over the 4 day weekend. Spelling homework will be due Tuesday and the TEST will be Tuesday as well.

Homework: Spelling Word Study – Roots (for those who didn’t finish it in class today) DUE Monday. Spelling homework and TEST both on Tuesday. 

MONDAY: Hello, 5th and 6th grade families! Today we started a new Bible Unit on the Triumphal Entry of Jesus. We read out of Luke 19 and John 12.

In Language Arts, we continue to do some final reflection work on Johnny Tremain with today’s lesson being about the Theme of the book and we did some practicing with identifying theme. The students also wrote an additional conclusion chapter of their own for the novel. They had fun with this!

I checked planners for spelling homework and spelling TEST reminders for tomorrow!

In Science we did a lesson on creating a bibliography page and had time to create one for our rough drafts. The link for bibliography pages is

Heritage Tests were reviewed and returned.

There is no homework except to study for the spelling TEST and turn spelling homework in by tomorrow for full credit. 

Also, there were a couple students who didn’t finish writing Johnny Tremain chapter 13. This will be DUE tomorrow as well. 

NOTE: It is a short week. There is no school Thursday / Friday as it is conferences. Please call the office to set up your conference times. We only have 3 people signed up so far.



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