February 27- March 3

Thursday: Today we worked on learning to avoid and identify run on sentences and sentence fragments. After that lesson, we worked on our bibliography pages for science fair research papers. We also had the chance to do some editing / typing / adding the bibliography work to the rough drafts that were due today. All of the rough drafts have been emailed to Mrs. Hicks so she can look them over this weekend (except for the students who were not here today). Other than continued work on science fair, there is no homework this weekend. Study for spelling. Tests are Tuesday. Spelling homework is also due on Tuesdays. ENJOY the beautiful weather if it gets to us!

Wednesday / Thursday: The good news of the day is that I’ve learned how to use / update this page! Thank you for being patient while I learn. Here is a recap of the last two days. We finished up a lesson on adverbs / adverbial phrases yesterday. Today, we learned about comma splicing in our writing. The students were encouraged to edit their rough drafts for Science Fair using what they’ve learned from these lessons.

Homework: Rough drafts DUE tomorrow. They must be a minimum of 500 words. 

Monday: The kids didn’t finish a worksheet from Friday and had questions on it, so we worked through it together.  We also started a couple slides of today’s PowerPoint on adverbs.  We will finish that slide on Wednesday as we will be working on science fair research tomorrow.

Homework: Spelling test and spelling homework tomorrow (list #45-55 of spelling bee).  Packet on Incorporating Examples is due tomorrow


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