February 27- March 3

Friday: What a great week with this class! Today was a busy day of wrapping up some unit work with a pop quiz in bible and a test in Heritage. THANK you for sending flash drives for the students to save science research paper work. They can be working on it at home. The deadline on the Bibliography page has been extended. We will work on this page on Monday. ROUGH drafts of science fair research papers DUE on Wednesday next week. Other than research paper work, there is no homework for the weekend! ENJOY the beautiful weather if it gets to us! 

Wednesday / Thursday: Hello, parents! The good news of the day is that I’ve learned to use and update this page! Here is a recap of the last 2 days. During Bell work, we are practicing using synonyms to make our writing stronger. We finished up our Bible Unit today with the story out of Mathew of the landowner and the workers in his Vineyard. Tomorrow we will do a class review and go over the unit together. There will be a pop quiz. In Language Arts, our work on Johnny Tremain is wrapping up. Today we reviewed Chpts 8-11 and did a fun lesson on foreshadowing. We’ve also wrapped up our Heritage Unit on the Roaring 20’s and on Recession / Inflation. The students did a study guide in partners. We went over them together in class. There is a TEST tomorrow. They have their study guides in their homework folders. In science, we continue to work on typing up our rough drafts. If you want your son / daughter to be able to type and edit over the weekend, please send a flash-drive tomorrow so they can save their work to access at home. 


Homework: STUDY for Heritage test.

Bible Journal Writing: 1 page journal entry on how we label each other and what labels we’ve given each other (this goes along with our unit lesson from today).


Thanks for being patient while I learn the new system! Let me know if there are any questions or concerns.  



Monday: For bell work, the students work a sentence using 5 of the 8 parts of speech.  We are getting good at this because it was a breeze for most of the class.  During language arts, we had Annie read sections 1-2 of chapter 11 and then finished section 3 on our own.  We are cruising through the chapter and will finish it tomorrow.  At grammar mini, the kids went over how to write a bibliography.  We practiced with a book in the class.  On our bibliography for the science fair research paper, I allow the kids to use Easybib.com, which generates citations for you.  It’s great to know how to write a proper citation, but no one memorizes the formula for writing a correct MLA citation (especially because it changes for websites, books with one author, books with two authors, encyclopedias, newspapers, etc)!  Easybib guarantees accuracy, we prevent accidental plagiarism, no one tears their hair out, and it gets us familiar with a site you’ll want to use again if you ever need a bibliography.  Then in Heritage, we played an inflation game.  We wrapped up the day by playing a science study game.

Homework: spelling test and spelling homework due tomorrow.


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