February 21-24

Monday:  No school!  I looked this up over the weekend, and did you know that in Minnesota the holiday is called Washington’s and Lincoln’s Birthday?  I stumbled upon that as I was looking to see where the apostrophe went in the holiday. Is it President’s (and we celebrate just Washington) or is it Presidents’ (and we celebrate all who have served)?  Come to find out, the states are slightly different in what they officially call it!

Tuesday: We started this morning with bell work on inferences.  One of my favorite inferences this morning was a Far Side comic (that says, “If we pull  this off, we’ll eat like kings.”

Image result for spiders and slide far side

For Bible, we did the workbook page to accompany last week’s lesson on the lepers thanking Jesus.  During language arts, we started a new chapter (chapter 9).  We just read sections 1-2 in class together and will finish reading and the packet tomorrow.  We also took our spelling test today and turned in spelling homework.  In the afternoon, the kids lucked out on a half hour longer gym class (we had a very gracious sub, hehe!).  We talked through how each paragraph in an essay needs a topic sentence and how to use transition words between paragraphs.  Then we went out to the computer lab to practice our new skills in our typing on our research papers.

Homework: Due tomorrow is bell work on inferences if not finished and Bible worksheet 55-56 if not finished.  There will be a Bible memory quiz on Ephesians 4:29 tomorrow as well

Wednesday: Mrs. Jacksen taught the kiddos today.

Thursday: This morning, our bell work was to write in our log books.  Things we added were what we’re learning from research, any changes we’ve had so far (if you changed or added a material, make note of that.  The judges like to hear about how you adapted your thinking in the process), and any other updates.  During Bible, we talked about how Jesus often spoke in parables.  The class split into two groups to teach each other their parable.  During language arts, we read sections 1-2 of chapter 10 and filled out pages 2-3 of our packets.  The kids had the option of doing this work in a partner group.  For grammar mini’s writing time, the kids made a web for a subject they feel like they’re an expert on (some kids did a sport they participate in, their church, or their family).  We walked through how to make the subtopics on the web into topic sentences for each paragraph.  Lastly, we went out to the computer lab to work on science fair research.

Homework: Paragraph 3 of our science fair research is due tomorrow and the 4 paragraph (16 sentence minimum) topic sentence writing is due tomorrow


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