February 13-17

Monday: This morning we warmed up by taking turns identifying appositives (something we’ve been studying the past couple weeks) on the whiteboard. We then took notes on parts of speech to review and practiced identifying parts of speech in Valentine’s Day sentences.  See handout here: valentinesdayfreebiepracticingpartsofspeech. For our main activity, we read the short story “Appointment with Love” and answered questions on it.

Homework: “Appointment with Love” questions are due tomorrow, spelling homework and spelling test are tomorrow (Spelling Bee words #23-33)

Tuesday: We took a spelling test and a pop quiz on the short story “Appointment with Love.”  We watched two film versions of the story and critiqued it for its accuracy in setting, plot, and for how believable it was.  This is always a fun activity because, believe it or not, viewing and analyzing a film version of a story is a state standard!  You can see the short film below.  One thing it can get us thinking about is how difficult it might be to create a period piece (there are a lot of details that need to be changed to reflect a different age).

Note: Tomorrow we will be writing!  We’ll take the theme from “Appointment with Love” and write our own short stories.

Wednesday: Our new spelling list is from spelling bee words #34-44.  Remember that we have Monday off next week, so right away on our first day back, spelling homework is due and we will be taking a test. Our main activity today was to write a 2 page short story.  The kids could write about any topic, but it has to follow the same theme as “Appointment with Love” which is “don’t judge a book by its cover.”  Many students finished in class today; those who did not had time to work on it at library.

Homework: Short stories are due tomorrow (Feb 16th), spelling homework on the 21st over spelling bee words #34-44, and the spelling bee will be next Friday!

Thursday: We had a sub today, the students went to the computer lab to do research.

Friday: We went out the computer lab and helped each other edit our writing for our research papers.  When finished, the kids were able to continue their research.


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