Feb 13-17

Monday: This morning the students received information on Skate-a-Thon at assembly. You should see packets coming home tonight. It’s 3 weeks away, but if you’re mailing any, I would try to get them out as soon as possible so that donations can be totaled before we skate. The class with the most money in pledges will receive a special lunch!

For bell work, we worked on Valentine’s Day idioms: valentineidioms. Then during grammar mini, we selected one idiom to make a poster one (we wrote the idiom, it’s meaning, and drew an illustration to represent it). For language arts, we went over some of the questions students had trouble with on the chapter 7 packet. Then we read sections 1-2 of chapter 8 together, completing page 1-2 of the new packet. We also did Monday’s work of our mentor text where we practiced underlining titles of books, putting articles in quotations, and making a prediction for chapter 8! Later on, we reviewed the steps to research for science fair. Each student was given a handout to guide their computer time, and we spent an hour working on research. This has been difficult for this class (I’m seeing a lot of hunting and pecking when typing), but we’re making progress!

Homework: A couple students didn’t finish their reflections in Bible today. That will be due tomorrow. Language arts pages 1-2 of the chapter 8 packet are due tomorrow. Idiom worksheet and poster are due tomorrow. Remember that we have a spelling test and spelling homework tomorrow as well.

Note: Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! We haven’t received any candy donations for hospital patients.  If you would like to participate with that, please remember to bring it in tomorrow (optional)

Tuesday: Happy Valentine’s Day!!

This morning we had our packaging party during Bible class. The kids wrote Valentine cards to hospital patients and stuffed bags of candy. We made 40 bags!  I delivered them to the hospital while the kids were at gym class.  My mom, who is a nurse at the hospital and working today, said, “The reaction of the patients was priceless. They just absolutely loved them!”  We had a little trouble with a giving attitude during this activity, but we pulled through and made a difference to 40 people today.  Great job, students!


While we packaged, I brought in a treat to share with the kiddos- watermelon cupcakes (just watermelon, a little topping, and a heart shaped strawberry).  I was trying not to contribute to the sugar highs today (hee hee).


When the kids came back from math, we worked on reading chapter 8 by ourselves. We also took a spelling test (awesome scores on that!), did parts of speech for our mentor text, and turned in spelling homework.  Please don’t forget to do this weekly homework assignment!  In the afternoon, we finished up chapter 8 and the packet for our grammar mini time.  We took a pop quiz, and then we went out to the computer lab to work on research.  I’m seeing a lot of great progress there.  One or two of the kids have reached the halfway point towards the required 500 words.  Two paragraphs of the research paper will be due on Friday.  I will have the kids email their progress home tomorrow as I hope to get to our regular science curriculum the rest of the week.

Homework: Finish chapter 8 reading and packet if not done in class. Two paragraphs of research are due on Friday.  We have our weekly Bible memory  verse (John 15:4) that we’ll be tested on tomorrow

Wednesday: Mrs. Jacksen has a sick girl today- pray she gets better!

This morning our chapel speaker talked to us about self-control.  He gave us some advice we can use to become better in this area: asking older people for council instead of our peers and waiting a couple days before making a big decision.  After chapel, we took our Bible memory verse and finished up bell work.  We also analyzed primary sources from the Boston Tea Party.  The kids were divided into groups and each looked at a different source (one source was from eyewitness accounts!).  They analyzed their source and later met with another group to compare.  Our goal was to try and answer the guiding question: “What actually happened at the Boston Tea Party on December 16, 1773?”.  During our library time, I went over to the computer lab and sent home what the kids have been working on.  Look for that in your inbox!  When we got back from specialty, we looked at our new spelling words (spelling bee list #34-44) and did a mini spelling bee.  Congrats to Mariah who came in 1st place on our practice bee today!  Lastly, we read about communism.  We compared that to capitalize, played a game to simulate communism, and finished with a reflection.

Homework: Primary source packet and bell work are due tomorrow if not finished. 2 paragraphs for science fair are due Friday.  Our next memory verse in Bible is Ephesians 2:29 (We will take that on 2/22).  Spelling test and homework due next Tuesday.

Note: Spelling bee is next Friday!

Thursday: We had a sub

Friday: This morning we read about leprosy (one of the students shared how armadillos are one of the only animals who carry leprosy and can transfer that to humans!  We looked it up and verified that fact- crazy!). We read in Luke about Jesus healing the 10 lepers. Only one came back to thank Jesus, and Jesus said to him, “Rise and go, your faith has made you well.” We talked about how the man has already been healed physically, so Jesus’ statement is spiritual in meaning.

We also met our new practicum student from BSU. Her name is Annie, and she will be here 40 hours so we will get to know her well in the coming weeks!

During language arts, we took a mentor text quiz and viewed a PowerPoint on the difference between Whigs and Tories.  Whigs believed that Parliament should have more power than the king. The were also pro change and reform.  The Whigs eventually became the liberal political group. Tories believed in the divine right of the king and that non-Catholics shouldn’t have the same rights as Catholics.  Tories later became the conservative political group.  We looked at primary sources and categorized writings about the Tories and Whigs into fact and opinion.  This activity will also help us with science fair as we’ve been struggling a little bit in keeping a formal, factual tone in our research papers.

This afternoon, we finished our Whig and Tory work during grammar mini.  We read science pages 91-95 and took notes on the 6 kingdoms.  We reviewed them together and had a little time left over to finish all homework and get spelling homework completed for thus Tuesday.

Check out the gator some of the kids made with Mrs. Heglund!



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