Friday, February 10th

Welcome to the updated homework hotline!

This morning we took some time to share about our goals for helping others this week. Many students have already met their goal!  On Monday, we will reflect on what we did and how it went so be sure to show the love of God this weekend if you haven’t already! In language arts, we spent time finishing the reading for chapter 7 in Johnny Tremain and working on the “homework” section of the packet. This afternoon, we talked through how to research.  We viewed a few sites to evaluate them (remember the 5 W’s: Who wrote it and are they an expert?, What is the purpose of the site?, When was it created and updated?, Where did the information come from?, and Why should I use this?). What do you think of this site? 

After working on evaluating sites, we went through what we need when we research for science fair.  1.) We find a reliable source

2.) We highlight the section of information we’d like to use for our paper

3.) We copy and paste that into a word document as well as the URL

4.) Read through the information you copy and pasted, cover it up, and then write what you remember (this ensures that it’ll be in your own words vs. changing a few words here and there from the original source)

5.) Do NOT delete the source after you’ve typed it in your own words.  We’ll use it later to write our bibliography and to check and make sure we’re not plagiarizing.

Homework: Johnny Tremain chapter 7 reading and packet are due on Monday, prepare to share how you showed the love of God this week on Monday, spelling test and spelling homework are due Tuesday over spelling bee words #23-33 

Note: We will be having our “packaging party” on Tuesday for Valentine’s Day. We will be taking donations for candy and will be putting together cards for hospital patients.  I will deliver the cards after school. We want to be very careful not to spread any germs to the patients, so we’ll want to make sure we’ll all healthy and practiced good hand washing ahead of time!  You may also bring a Valentine for the class.  I will bring a snack for us to share, and we’ll fellowship during Bible!


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