April 18-22

Monday: This morning, we started a new unit, but we’re just continuing without taking a unit quiz.  We covered Jesus’ second miracle in Cana where he heals an official’s son.  We noted how his miracle at the wedding helped strengthen his disciples’ faith while this miracle strengthened the faith of the gentiles.  In language arts, we continued to work on who vs whom and started reading chapter 5.  This afternoon, we read pages 176-178, viewed a PowerPoint and a video clip, and completed notes and a worksheet.  Lastly, we did spelling practice in groups.  Our list is List 12: 31-35, 5, 9, 16, 17, and 18.

Homework: Spelling homework is due Thursday

Tuesday: We read about how Jesus drove out demons and healed Peter’s mother-in-law.  This unit we are completing journal entries with our reactions to the stories and we did that as well.  In language arts, we finished reading chapter 5 and writing our 3 paragraph essay.  The students worked on a peer editing sheet to help correct mistakes in a friend’s writing.  In the afternoon, we finished up our vocab flashcards from last week and the food chain pictures we started in art.  I will give a small grade for this art project since it relates to what we’re covering in science. We also played a game simulating the ecosystem and how over/under population affects a small scale ecosystem.  We reflected on that with an exit ticket and then worked on Roman roads for the rest of the day.  We made an edible model of a Roman road, took notes on what the layers of our model represent, and we read about how the roads were built.  We viewed some pictures, and predicted what the larger stones in the middle were for.  Some predictions were a walking path or to prevent horses to enter an area.

Wednesday: This morning we didn’t have a chapel speaker so we worked on the next story of Jesus’ ministry: when he healed a paralytic who was lowered through the roof of a building he was teaching in.  During language arts, we read chapter 6 with a friend and worked through comprehension task cards as we read.  In the afternoon, we read pages 182-185 in our science textbooks on adaptations.  We then created a creature coming up with our own adaptations and created an image of it with torn construction paper.  We also worked on adjectives in grammar mini and finished our court case in Heritage even though one of our defendants was absent.  Packets on this case should be turned in, completely filled out.

Mystery Revealed: The raised stones on the road were stepping stones for pedestrians.  On some roads, they made small grooves in the road so carts would follow the intended paths around the city.  The grooves were probably deepened through years of use.

Homework: Make sure Heritage court case packet is completely finished

NOTE: Tomorrow we will be watching a video on Rome in class.  Students may bring blankets or a snack to share.  Both are optional, but I will be providing popcorn for a fun mid-week pick-me-up!

Thursday: This morning we read about 1st century fishing and the miracle Jesus performs with the disciples.  We talked about the act of faith it would take to leave everything behind and follow Jesus.  We  reflected on the story with journal writing and prayed in small groups.  Later we learned about apostrophes.  Some rules seem easy, but it gets complicated!  For example:  When talking about plural possessive of Jones, we would be correct in saying Joneses’ – isn’t that crazy!  We also did a worksheet on chapters 6 and 7 of the Bronze Bow.  We watched a documentary on the Punic Wars with blankets and popcorn!  We learned about the amazing bravery and determination of Hannibal’s march through the Alps with elephants to get to Rome.  We also worked on adjectives for Grammar Mini and learned about the water cycle.  Students acted out the cycle in partner groups and we’ll be learning a version of the cup song on the water cycle tomorrow.  Get excited!

Friday: The first thing we did today was 3rd quarter honor roll.  Congratulations to those who made it, but the year isn’t over.  We still have an opportunity to finish strong if making honor roll is important to you.  We worked through Matthew’s call and practiced ancient banquet etiquette.  We had reading buddies, finished writing in our Bible journals, took a spelling test, and did apostrophes.  In grammar mini, we wrote a short story using at least one singular possessive and a plural possessive.  The kids came up with some very creative pieces (from vengeful hamsters to cucumber giraffes).  We read pages 236-241 in our Heritage textbooks reviewing the Punic Wars from yesterday and did workbook pages 134-135.  Students can do the essay for extra credit.  Lastly, we split in two groups to either do a Water Cycle Cup Song or create an interview with different parts of the water cycle.

Homework: Heritage workbook pages if not finished in class


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