April 18-22

Monday: This morning we started a new unit.  We did research on the Victorian Era.  This will provide context for the play we’re going to read next.  7th graders need to write 2 paragraphs and 8th graders 3 paragraphs on marriage, engagement, and society in the Victorian Era.  Luckily they’ve already learned about much of this in history with Mrs. J!  We also looked over our spelling list for this week (List 18: #11-20).

Homework: Spelling homework is due Thursday

Tuesday:  We watched the Horrible Histories below and worked on vocab words that will show up in the play.  7th graders picked 7 words to make flashcards for and 8th graders 8 words.  We also discussed a little more about Victorian society.

Wednesday: We went through a pre-reading activity discussing a few questions and trying to find personality traits solely based on the character’s names.  We also started reading the play, noticing Wilde’s wit and subtle humor that comes through in his writing.  We left off on a cliff-hanger, not knowing who Jack, Earnest, and Cecily truly are.

Homework: 2 paragraphs of writing on the Victorian Era are due, flashcards are due

Thursday: We made cucumber sandwiches in class today for a Victorian snack (and they keep talking about it in the first act!).  We also read more in the book and discovered that Algernon also has a secret friend named Bunbury, just as Jack has Earnest.  We finished the period with working through a comprehension/visualization sheet on this section of text.

Homework: Spelling homework is due.  Sheet from today is due tomorrow.

Friday: We took a spelling test and read to page 15 in The Importance of Being Earnest.  We completed a worksheet and took home an apostrophe worksheet for homework.

Homework: Apostrophes


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