April 11-15

Monday: Welcome back students to the last quarter of school and a chance to finish strong with a blank slate!  This morning, we read the passage on Jesus’ first miracle at Cana.  Last Friday we read about marriage during Bible times and learned that people could get married really young!  During language arts, we worked on subject and object pronouns to warm up and all the work with chapters 1 and 2 of the Bronze Bow.  I assigned a new activity of drawing a map of ancient Israel and surrounding area so we can get an idea of where the story is taking place.  In the afternoon, we worked on spelling list 12: #21-30.  We took an exam in Heritage and turned study guides in.  We also finished our biome projects and put them together.  Tomorrow we will share facts on our biome with the class and move on to ecosystems.

Homework: Students need to be finished with chapter 1 and 2 work of the Bronze Bow and the map for tomorrow.  Spelling homework is due Thursday.  

Note: Permission slips for Wednesday’s field trip are being sent home today.  If your child did not receive a permission slip, they did not have all their work turned in by the end of the 3rd quarter.  Students staying behind will be required to work.

Tuesday: This morning we read about the pharisees, Sadducees, and the Sanhedrin.  We learned that the pharisees followed the written law and an oral law of additional rules to follow (for example, they weren’t allowed to swat flies or comb their hair on the Sabbath).  We ended with reading about Nicodemus and taking a pop quiz.  We covered more on pronouns and how to use them correctly after linking verbs.  Did you know that the sentence, “The winner of the election is he” is correct?  Remember to switch the sentence around to check if it fits (The winner of the election is he.  He is the winner of the election.).  We also discussed the chapters we read in The Bronze Bow and completed a review of chapter 2.  During grammar mini, we worked on vocab flashcards over 6 words in the first two chapters.  The students shared their biome projects after that, and we started the unit on Ancient Rome with a look into the geography.  We read about Romulus and Remus, geography, and worked on an ad to come to Rome.

Homework: Biome projects need to be turned in now.  We’re moving on from chapters 1&2 tomorrow.

Wednesday: Our chapel speaker talked to us about the promises of a long, happy life if we obey our parents in the lord and keep from telling lies and speaking evil.  For language arts, we went over a formative assessment on pronouns.  We also read chapter 3 of The Bronze Bow with a partner.  After that, it was off to the play!



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